A Look At The Highlights Of The Phillips Hong Kong Watch Auction: Two

Eric Clapton's (Potentially) Unique Patek Philippe 5004P

Lot 169: Patek Philippe platinum reference 5004, previously in the assortment of Sir Eric Clapton.

In most cases, the watch makes the gatherer. In any case, not when the watch was once essential for the Eric Clapton assortment. The most notable VIP gatherer has possessed probably the best Patek Phillipe and Rolex watches on the lookout, including this platinum reference 5004 with an uncommon blue tachymeter dial. Given the impact Clapton has had on numerous gatherers, they should jump at the opportunity to add one that has gone through the greater part of its days on his wrist. The watch is not, at this point the unbelievable artist/songwriter’s, yet that shouldn’t hose the energy around this impeccable ceaseless schedule split-seconds chronograph. Different parts have higher evaluations, yet this one is up there, with the mallet expected to fall somewhere close to HK $2,800,000 to $4,400,000. More here .

A 1950s Patek Philippe Dual-Crown Wold-Timer In Pink Gold (Reference 2523)

Lot 373: Patek Philippe two-crown World Timer reference 2523/1 in pink gold.

Here’s a natural reference. At the point when you consider what a limited number of two-crown world clocks Louis Cottier made for Patek Phillipe, it’s fairly mind blowing to be seeing two models available to be purchased in the exact month. Fourteen days prior, Christie’s sold a yellow gold model (reference 2523/1) for CHF 1,121,000 . This time, it’s Phillips’ turn, with a perhaps remarkable pink-gold model, which turns out to be the case material supported by the Southeast Asian market. The gauge is HK $12,000,000 to $20,000,000. More here .

Patek Philippe 2499 Third Series In Pink Gold

Lot 368: Patek Phillipe reference 2499, in pink gold (one of six at any point made).

The most desired never-ending schedule chronograph of the 21st century, reference 2499 established its standing at the exceptionally top with another extremely solid presentation in Geneva . However, that model was a first arrangement, in yellow gold. The third arrangement – made roughly from 1960 through 1978 – is all the more promptly accessible, and consequently less alluring (authorities additionally will in general incline toward the rectangular chrono pushers of the first model to the mushroom ones of the second and third arrangement). But when it’s in pink gold. Just six models were at any point made – making it the most extraordinary pink-gold models across some other arrangement – and this one is accepted to be novel among them on the grounds that the dial gap at 6’clock is level. It ought to likewise be said the combination of pink gold for the case and ivory for the dial is staggeringly appealing, maybe more along these lines, as I would see it, at that point with a gold case. Will it be sufficient to beat a first arrangement? Phillips thinks along these lines, with a gauge of HK $9,000,000 to $18,000,000. Subtleties here .

Lot 170: Unique Patek Philippe Skeleton reference 5180.

Patek Philippe rarely makes skeletonized pieces, and even less titanium cases. Indeed, this reference 5180 is a pièce special made in 2009 for the Children Action good cause. The watch raised CHF 520,000 when it was initially sold, and Phillips trusts it could pound in for significantly more this time around. The watch is introduced in nearly NOS condition, and comes with the first testament. The gauge is HK $2,700,000 to  $4,000,000. Subtleties here .

Pink Gold Pisa Edition Patek Philippe Calatrava

Lot 377: Patek Philippe restricted release for Pisa Orologeria.

The enormous news out of Geneva was the unimaginable presentation of uncomplicated Patek Phillipe watches, especially those with Breguet numerals. Following that rationale, this uncommon pink-gold restricted release with clear focus seconds ought to pull in revenue, despite the fact that it is actually a cutting edge PP – the watch was made in 2008 to commemorate the launch of the Patek Phillipe store in Milan, Italy. Some would incline toward the watch without the date; think of me as one of them. In any case, Phillips appear to be sure it will discover a purchaser in the HK $300,000 to $500,000 territory. More here .

Omega Speedmaster Reference 2915-2

Lot 176B: Omega “Speedmaster Broad Arrow.”

Of all the verifiably significant Speedmasters – and there are numerous exceptionally collectible ones – the “Wide Arrow” is viewed as THE complete reference. Nicknamed after its famous hour and moment hands, reference 2915 was dispatched in 1957, yet creation would just most recent three years, making it one of the hardest to discover. It is effectively recognizable as a result of its Tacho-Productometer scale – the name given to the tempered steel tachymeter scale bezel with, just as the early typography utilized for the words Omega and “Speedmaster” on the dial. The gauge is HK $320,000 to $500,000. More here.

Rolex Reference 6238 Gold Retailed By Cartier

Lot 224: Rolex Pre-Daytona reference 623.

Also known as the “pre-Daytona” in light of the fact that it goes before THE Daytona by a couple of years, reference 6238 is an exceptionally collectible piece of Rolex’s set of experiences. Simply this week, we recognized an amazingly uncommon dark dial adaptation in yellow gold during the Concorso d’Eleganza and most were truth be told made in one of two shades of silver like the one in this deal. Nonetheless, the model found by Phillips vitally includes another notable name on its dial, as it was retailed via Cartier, making it potentially special. Also, hence, the gauge has been set between HK $1,700,000 and $3,200,000. More here .

These are only a couple features, and the deal incorporates numerous other intriguing pieces including some fixed 5 arrangement Pateks, lacquer dialed Rolexes, a split-seconds Eberhard, Explorer-dial Sub, and that’s just the beginning. Look at the entire schedule here .