A Patek Philippe Reference 1415 World Timer With Eurasia Enamel Dial, One Of Only Two Known, Coming Up At Sotheby's

According to Sotheby’s, this watch ( part 213 ) has never been offered at closeout. The last reference 1415 with an Eurasia finish dial was offered by Christie’s, more than 15 years prior, and it’s been a long time since a formerly obscure model was available. The reference 1415 world clock, with a component planned by the acclaimed watchmaker Louis Cottier, was sold in little numbers somewhere in the range of 1939 and 1954 and not exactly a quarter had finish dials, with just eight of those having therefore showed up available. Of those eight references 1415 HU DE, precisely two have a guide of Eurasia; the other six have a world map.

These heures universelles watches showed the time all the while in one or the other 28 or 41 urban areas (contingent upon the model) and the development depended on Patek’s type 12”’– 120.

Purely from a Patek grant angle, this is an amazingly fascinating and uncommon watch that addresses an early illustration of a generally critical complication. It’s likewise, clearly, going to be fascinating to perceive how it performs. Sotheby’s gauge for this reference 1415 is $600,000 to $1,200,000. Be that as it may, as we’ve seen over and over as of late, with regards to amazingly uncommon and profoundly attractive Pateks, specifically, it’s actually anybody’s estimate concerning what will occur. In spite of the fact that there is one other Eurasia dial 1415 known, it hasn’t been seen since a long time before the gigantic upsurge as of late in revenue in, and costs acknowledged by, vintage Pateks – and keeping in mind that there are a few indications of the vintage watch market starting to level off, the potential for such truly colorful and close difficult to track down looks as this remaining parts very unpredictable.

This reference 1415 is additionally essential for a closeout that incorporates a really magnificent assortment of automata, which we covered here . Furthermore, you can peruse the whole list here . This is really an incredibly, different closeout – while this reference 1415 is the second most noteworthy gauge out of 213 parcels (the most noteworthy gauge, $1,500,000 to $2,500,000, is for the “Ruler Farouk” music box, part 81 ) the least gauge is under $2,000, and if vintage Patek intrigues you, you could do a ton more awful than part 68 – a split seconds minute repeater pocket watch, made by Patek in 1893 and sold in 1895, complete with a concentrate from the files. The gauge? Only $8,000 to $12,000.