A Week On The Wrist: The F.P. Journe Octa Quantième Perpétuel

A Week On The Wrist: The F.P. Journe Octa Quantième Perpétuel

The F.P. Journe Octa Quantième Perpétuel.

To get a feeling of the obsessiveness embodied in Journe’s new never-ending schedule first thing, there’s one thing you need to know. The schedule signs (the enormous date, day, and month) all adjustment in a moment, and the solitary way you can catch their hop is on the off chance that you utilize an amazingly rapid camera. That is the manner by which Journe checked their speed and synchronization during the advancement stage, and in the event that you visit the production in Geneva, you’ll see that very camera sitting inside the expert’s office.

Initial introductions

Where are altogether the subdials? This never-ending schedule positively looks pretty odd at first.

The first thing you’ll see about this unending schedule is that it has a moderately smoothed out dial. Conventional interminable schedules utilize different sub-dials to show the day, date, and month, and a significant number of them even have a moonphase sign as well. That is how it’s been since the absolute first unending schedule wristwatch, and it’s a natural picture in the personalities of gatherers. Data over-burden is positively important for the allure of possessing a ceaseless schedule, yet so often watches that go that course exchange readability for occupied dials. The clever thing about watches with complications is that they are just comparable to their most essential capacity, which is to tell the time in an unmistakable and intelligible way. That is the data the wearer is after as a general rule. What’s more, if the watch comes up short at this level, it fizzles completely. 

The Octa QP is a never-ending schedule that carries on more like a period just watch. What I mean by that will be that the schedule capacities are optional to the hour and moment hands. The last are what you will see first when you take a gander at the dial of the Octa QP, and immediately they direct your look toward the part ring, away from the bunch of pointers, and straightforwardly towards the hour markers.

The Octa Quantième Perpétuel is simply the kind of watch you say to yourself you’d wear each day in the event that you had one, yet on the off chance that you did, you would wind up wearing it just periodically, for the most part in the nights, since this one truly can’t bear such a large number of indiscreet knocks.

– Arthur Touchot

Then, from left to right, you’ll discover the force hold in a very much characterized space on the left-hand side of the internal dial, and last, yet unquestionably not least, the schedule signs, every one outlined by its own committed gap window, and the jump year sign, which is put at the actual focus of the watch, around the pinhole for the hands – a little hand highlights the red “L” during a jump year.

The schedule signs are totally restricted to the red gold dial at the focal point of the watch.

It’s an unbelievably thoroughly examined dial – maybe the best that F.P. Journe has made at this point, as I would see it. The schedule is dense to show just the data that is significant on some random day. Pointless data isn’t appeared, with the goal that solitary what is significant is conveyed to the proprietor of the watch in a fast and clear manner.

A perfect representation of this is the jump year. The data it gives is of little significance – it changes just once every year – but numerous QPs show it unmistakably. Others decide to shroud it completely, by setting it at the back. However, Journe’s answer shows somewhat more resourcefulness and, might I venture to say, a little nerve on the watchmaker’s part.

The dial of the Octa QP is about equilibrium.

The most fulfilling part of the dial however is its evenness – and who might have imagined that we’d say that regarding a F.P. Journe? The French watchmaker is a chronic guilty party with regards to making lopsided dials. It’s a mark, of sorts. Indeed, the force hold is set for the left on this watch, yet the hands are still halfway positioned and the windows are midway adjusted. It actually has that authoritatively Journe look, however such that will fulfill those hankering balance.

It’s a move that surely appears to be important for a never-ending schedule as well. As I’ve recently referenced, there’s a ton of data for the wearer to process here, and a cockeyed format would just add disarray to the dial. Truth be told, that is absolutely how F.P. Journe bundled his first interminable schedule, the Octa Perpétuelle, and the outcomes weren’t so good.

On The Wrist

The 40mm red gold model is the perfectionist’s decision. It’s the size and a shading plan most connected with F.P. Journe.

Quite regularly when I put a watch on the wrist, I truly couldn’t say whether it will wear comfortably. There are a couple of special cases obviously, one of them being anything made by F.P. Journe. However, there are still things to pay special mind to, especially while taking a stab at a ceaseless schedule. Since the complication regularly necessitates that few hundred components fit into a restricted space, many watchmakers are compelled to stack them and several millimeters in tallness to make a watch that isn’t excessively enormous. Nonetheless, the Octa QP is just 10.8mm thick, and that is in spite of having a huge equilibrium wheel, also four circles for the schedule indications.

The instance of the Octa QP is perfect. There are no in-set pushers around the case, since everything is flexible by means of the crown.

It’s a matter of individual taste, yet I found the more compact size suits the Octa QP somewhat better – yet perhaps that is simply me clutching the period of more modest F.P. Journe cases. The Octa QP was one of the primary standard F.P Journe watches to break into a 42mm area. All things considered, I addressed a couple of proprietors of the 42mm Octa QP, and every one of them said they picked the bigger size not in light of the size of their wrist but since they felt it was better proportioned.

The Octa Quantième Perpétuel is simply the sort of watch you say to yourself you’d wear each day on the off chance that you had one, yet on the off chance that you did, you would wind up wearing it just sporadically, generally in the nights, since this one truly can’t manage the cost of an excessive number of imprudent thumps. Nonetheless, this is the place where the development’s exhibition comes in, big time. An inalienable shortcomings of any unending schedule is that it’s immediately perceptible when you’ve left the force hold run out for a really long time, and it’s regularly very complicated to re-change the schedule signs prior to wearing it again. 

A snappy look uncovers all you require to know, in the request you need it in.

Because everything amendments can be made through the crown, it’s significantly less of a torment with the Octa QP, however risks are you will not need to encounter that due to the development’s 120-hour power hold. That is a five-day protection strategy for the wearer, ensuring the watch will keep running easily as long as you wear it a couple of times each week. Assuming, nonetheless, you let it run down, F.P. Journe has introduced a fast month corrector under the carry at one o’clock, so you will not need to experience the date sign to get up to speed with the calendar.

The Movement

The type FPJ 1300-3 is made altogether of red gold and can be seen through the caseback.

The Octa QP is fueled by a chronometer-affirmed development, and like the exactness chronometers the company makes, it is made in red gold – every last bit of it, from the mainplate to the extensions. Journe picked type FPJ 1300-3, a programmed development that bolsters a few complications in the Octa line, as the reason for his second never-ending schedule. A gigantic favorable position of the type is that the measurements stay the equivalent (30.8mm x 5.8mm), regardless of what is added to it.

This development includes a huge equilibrium – atypical for watches that have long force saves – which is free-sprung and vibrates at 21,600 vph. The development is twisted by a delightfully finished 22k gold rotor put on a metal roller framework to augment the productivity of even the littlest developments of the wrist. It’s a shocking sight under the sapphire caseback, and its another way Journe watches separate themselves from the competition. Talking about which…

The watch comes on an earthy colored calfskin lash with a red gold pin clasp. As another option, a red gold arm band is additionally offered for a premium.


Is this F.P. Journe’s best unending schedule? Unmistakably. Could it be his best wristwatch, full stop?

In red gold, the QP retails for $67,800 (40 mm) or $69,500 (42 mm), while in platinum it will interfere with you either $71,700 (40 mm) or $73,400 (42 mm). Anyway, what else would you be able to purchase for roughly $70,000? Indeed, surely not another prompt ceaseless schedule, and that is the reason it’s so hard to compare the Octa QP to the remainder of the field. Yet, here’s our best shot. 

The H. Moser Endeavor Perpetual Calendar.

If readability is carefully the thing you’re pursuing, the nearest thing to the Octa QP is the H. Moser Endeavor Perpetual Calendar . This current each other’s ceaseless schedule concerned essentially with being moderate, and in rose gold it retails for $60,000, which is marginally not exactly Journe’s model. It’s somewhat trickier to peruse – the records around the dial function as both the hour markers and the month sign and it takes a little mental readiness to peruse – and vitally, it doesn’t show the day of the week. Yet, the fact is by and by to smooth out the dial. Nonetheless, and I don’t intend to slight Moser, however I don’t think these two are comparable on the grounds that free movers will in general pull in customers who get tied up with their image, and Moser and Journe are two altogether different brands. 

The Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar, in yellow gold.

More customary adversaries may offer more competition. Audemars Piguet, Lange and Patek Phillipe all have ceaseless schedule generally in a similar value range. In any case, the 41mm Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar , the 38.5 mm Langematik Perpetual and the 39.5mm Ref. 5327R presentation their schedule signs in a substantially more customary format, with various subdials and moonphase indicators. 

The Ref. 5327, Patek Philippe’s most recent interminable schedule wristwatch.

The Lange and Patek watches are likewise both more costly than the Octa QP, and that makes Journe’s interminable schedule his best and most genuine test of the current watch foundation. It’s positively the most inventive. 

Last Thoughts

I referenced before that one of the joys of buying and wearing an interminable schedule is the staggering presentation of data on a solitary dial. Which is the reason I’m astonished to say I discovered this unending schedule much more charming to wear in the long haul than most exemplary never-ending schedules.

In terms of plan, the Octa QP presents just a moderately minor change to the conventional interminable schedule show. The absolute soonest ceaseless schedule wristwatches showed the day and month through openings, and the digitization of the date is essentially the most recent advancement. It’s not absolutely startling that Journe would be the first to show the entirety of the schedule signs carefully either, since the twofold date structure is one of his specialities.

The Octa QP retails for somewhat less then ceaseless schedules from Journe’s primary competitors.

The all-computerized show has left us with a watch that looks fundamentally less like a never-ending schedule. Rather than ruling the dial, the schedule signs blur out of spotlight, to the advantage of the time show, and, at last, to the advantage of the proprietor of the watch as well.

After going through seven days with the Octa Quantième Perpetual, I wind up considering it not as a ceaseless schedule that turns out to be made by F.P. Journe, be that as it may, rather, as a F.P. Journe that ends up showing significantly more than any of the French watchmaker’s different manifestations. It’s a develop watch from Journe, for his most adult customers. What’s more, maybe that is the reason it took one of them to persuade me to focus on this watch in the first place.

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