A Week On The Wrist: The Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Gold

A Week On The Wrist: The Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Gold

Territory Of The Brand

Regular perusers of HODINKEE will no uncertainty be comfortable with Linde Werdelin and their altogether contemporary watches. They might be moderately youthful, yet watches like the SpidoSpeed and Elemental have gotten our attention for their proud translation of watches as instruments. Also, keeping that in mind, their computerized gadgets, the Reef and Rock add a layer of expert level usefulness, blending fundamental instruments for jumpers and climbers that incorporate consistently with the watch cases. The idea of execution driven designing combined with modern plan and development lifts Linde Werdelin over your ordinary off-the-hold architect brand.

A further purpose of separation with Linde Werdelin is their developments, which, while not in-house units, have none the less been made for the brand by Concepto. Making a stride further, this year Linde Werdelin has worked together with Jean-François Mojon’s Chronode SA to make a new development for the SpidoLite family, the LW07. The move gives Linde Werdelin a more noteworthy level of inventiveness in plan, now ready to all the more completely uncover specially crafted components of the development through the uncovered dial. Therefore, the plan as a whole feels strong, and by and large places the watch further upstream as far as assemble quality and aesthetic.

A more autonomous Linde Werdelin implies an increment underway limit. This likely won’t bring about restricted versions of 1,000 as opposed to 100, yet rather, more opportunity in seeking after extra case and material setups, of which the brand has demonstrated to be quite affectionate. Nowadays, Linde Werdelin designates all watches to one of two families: the SpidoLite, or the Oktopus. The later houses the brand’s arrangement of more vigorous, plunge styled watches, while the previous spots accentuation on lightweight development, and more execution situated complications. This carries us to the current watch, Linde Werdelin’s most recent handiwork, in gold.

The SpidoLite Gold

The SpidoLite Gold is one of two new augmentations to the Spido family presented for this present year in Basel. The two watches contrast in the event that material and shading scheme, with the other being titanium complimented by a naval force blue elastic lash, and white dial emphasizes. The Gold makes a stride up in the custom office, offering dark accents and a finished calfskin tie. This is as yet a reformist games watch at its center, however, and don’t imagine that the presentation of rose gold will make for awkward wardrobe pairings.

The rose-gold case is a greater amount of an exoskeleton ensuring the dark DLC titanium and fired components under. It’s a characterizing accent no doubt, yet it’s an emphasize none the less. When viewed from a point, or on its side, the SpidoLite Gold takes on a new, science fiction like persona. The hard points of the gold construction give a sharp (in a real sense) contrast and hollowed out breaks to investigate. There is a genuine feeling of particularity to the case that makes it an intuitive piece of architecture. Off the wrist and viewed from all points it’s not difficult to get the feeling that, as opposed to a gold watch with dark accents, this is a dark watch with gold accents.

Of course, the insignificant gold design encasing the titanium place implies the watch as a whole remaining parts lightweight and intentional when matched with an elastic lash or even one of the recently referenced advanced instruments. The actual gold has a straight brush to it, and will scratch effectively, so perhaps nothing excessively fiery to the extent movement goes.

As extra dimensional as the actual case is, the dial proceeds with the layered topic. There is no genuine dial plate whatsoever. There is just a chapter ring at the edge, separating the hours and minutes, and a spider meshing like scaffold structure that meet at the middle, under the hands. The dial spans are stuck to the development at vital focuses, leaving for prime viewing windows to the fundamental springs and cog wheels. Getting everyone’s attention here is the heart barrel, which includes an example of triangle cut-aways, leaving the actual spring obvious from the wrist. The actual example is removed of gold, and is one of the additional intriguing executions of dial-side skeletonization this side of an Armin Strom.

On The Wrist

We’ve referenced this before about Linde Werdelin watches, they wear unimaginably well for their size, which is 44 mm in distance across. In addition to the fact that they are lightweight to lessen heave, yet the tie to case combination, which is restrictive to LW, is done in such a way that embraces the wrist on the money. The sharp edges of the gold case may mess up certain wearers, and they will decrease wrist movement, yet for most, the SpidoLite will cause little dramatization for all day use.

The screw-down crown will mean eliminating the watch to wind. Our greatest issue with the watch is the genuine cycle of un-screwing, and winding the crown. The crown is settled between two gold designs of the case, and there is almost no surface region of the crown to take hold of. It’s a sensitive cycle of “gradually” progress, and it’s a similar arrangement when screwing the crown once again into the right spot. The actual crown is titanium, and has a later engraved insect marque at its head, yet, inquisitively, is left its common silver.

As is regularly the situation with open worked dials, neatness takes a rearward sitting arrangement to, well, looking truly cool. The SpidoLite is no exemption in such manner. The expansive hands are well lumed, and considerable in width, so they aren’t excessively hard to peruse, however getting a lock at the top of the hour and moment through the mass of mechanical scene under the dial will require some exertion. The base of great importance and moment hands are hollowed out, which doesn’t do it any favors.

The calfskin lash is delicate to the touch yet firm on the wrist. It’s molded in such a way to embrace the wrist, and with a little break in period, will make for simple moving on and off. The clasp is titanium, and its expansive measurements feel stable and reliable.

Overall, the SpidoLite is not difficult to wear, somewhat less simple to peruse, and will offer a wide scope of less conventional outfit pairings. At 15 mm in stature, don’t anticipate that this should be an unpretentious suit extra, however anything south of business easygoing will make a decent home for this Linde Werdelin.

A New Movement

The SpidoLite Gold uses a new development called the LW07. Where past models have gotten Concepto assembled types, the LW07 was implicit cooperation with Chronode SA. The Le Locle based development engineers at Chronode handle the turn of events and creation measure for an assortment of boutique brands. You may not perceive the name, however you’ve without a doubt seen their work inside the watches like the MB&F Legacy Machines N°1 and N°2, the HYT H1, and the Breva Genie 1. The company was established by Jean-François Mojon, who’s work on the Harry Winston Opus X was perceived by the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève with a watchmaker award in 2010.

The LW07 moves the seconds hand to the focal point of the dial without precedent for the Spido family, allowing for a cleaner view of the opened dial. The 4Hz development gives 42 hours of power hold, which you can freely follow because of the view of the heart, and red triangle adorning the extension. We encountered close to COSC spec levels of exactness, which implies less whining with the crown.

The case back is dark DLC treated titanium, consigning the view completely to the dial side. In case you’re interested for a look, you’ll locate the engraved number, out of 75, alongside the images for the SpidoLite line of watches (the creepy crawly and skull), alongside the content “Gatherer’s Edition.”

The new development does wonders for the general look of the watch, and with the open worked dial, obviously it was made for this watch. The dial connects, the remove designs, and the format all work together stylishly. Furthermore, at the cost, they had better.


The SpidoLite Gold will slow down you $30,600, while the SpidoLite Titanium comes in at $17,400. These are some enormous numbers from a brand like Linde Werdelin, however when you think about the family of the development, the outlandish materials, and the restricted idea of the watch, unmistakably 75 purchasers of each version will discover the worth. However, what else will $30,000 get you in the way of gold, out of control planned game watch?

You can get yourself a new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore in 42 mm (in steel) for well under $30,000, yet that is somewhat unsurprising. The Girrard Perregaux Chrono Hawk in pink gold is an almost indistinguishable shading scheme that will run you only south of $30,000 also. Yet, I’m just putting one watch on this rundown, the MB&F HMX .

The newest MB&F is likewise the brand’s generally open. The HMX is accessible in 4 designs, and can be had for $30,000. The lone gold you’ll discover on the HMX is in the rotor, and that is attached to a Sellita gear train. Be that as it may, it has an in-house created hopping hours module, and the design isn’t by and large customary. The HMX is another science fiction plan that will be best served for quite a long time and easygoing Fridays, in addition, it’s a freakin’ MB&F.


The Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Gold is a cool watch. It may not be cool for everybody, and it absolutely isn’t without shortcoming, yet on the wrist, it simply feels better, and it feels up-to-date. In case you’re searching for a definitive, regular wear watch, this one most likely isn’t it. Yet, on the off chance that you need to fill an opening in your assortment, or simply want something outside of the common, the Linde Werdelin is an assertion piece that is sufficiently adaptable to wear with a shirt and jeans.

The new development and coming about open worked dial configuration feels like a positive development for the Spido family. It’s well intentioned and makes for a develop articulation of the lightweight game watch ethos that Jorn Werdelin and Morten Linde have curated. The SpidoLite Gold is approaching the summit of 4 ages of Spido watches, and it’s hard to see the watch advancing further without a new age of case plan. As refined as it feels in this design, the actual shape has been with us since the start, and to break the roof, a newly designed exoskeleton might be all together. Linde Werdelin has become well known by breaking limits in plan and development, and the SpidoLite might be reaching its own boundary.

Learn more about the new SpidoLite watches at the website of Linde Werdelin .