A Week On The Wrist: The Piaget Altiplano Chronograph With Caliber 883P

It might be genuine that each once in an extraordinary while, there is a new contribution in extra slender chronographs at the very good quality (like this one from Patek, or this one from Vacheron , and both are exceptionally amazing) yet the world’s most slender hand wound segment wheel chronograph was made by F. Piguet right back in 1987, when F. Piguet presented the type 1180 at just 3.95 mm thick. So any new extra-dainty chronograph development is very intriguing even taken as simply a technical story.

The other explanation we truly wanted to get our hands on the Altiplano Chronograph was on the grounds that super dainty chronographs are such extraordinary watches from a style stance. They’re not all that little and basic as to have a little impression as far as when and with what you can wear them, however they’re perfect and exquisite enough that they truly can be worn across a wide scope of outfits and events without appearing as though you’re pushing it (sure, you can attempt to pull a Yves Montand and rock a Tank, with a polo shirt and khakis, yet you would do well to, you know, be Yves Montand). What’s more, you simply don’t get numerous chances to street test super meager chronos, for the reasons expressed above; so we were incredibly glad to see this one come in the door.

Let’s run a few numbers. The Altiplano Chronograph is 41 mm in width, and 8.24 mm thick, in a round case with sapphire gems front and back. The case is basic which for this situation is something worth being thankful for; the narrow bezel makes for an extremely loose, liberal spread of room on the dial. The actual dial is worked around the topic of slimness also – slender mallet hands and stick markers, no date guichet (once more, for such a watch, something to be thankful for) and there’s some very subtle sunray brushing on the dial just to keep things intriguing; that touch of surface aides hold the plan back from wandering into monotony.

The development is Piaget’s in-house type 883P. This is a hand-wound, section wheel, flyback chronograph without date. It’s section wheel controlled, with vertical clutch coupling, and it is 12 lignes/27 mm in distance across, under 5 mm thick at 4.65 mm. It has a 50-hour power hold, and runs at a frequency of 28,800 vph. Essentially this seems to be the Piaget 880P type however short the date and the rotor and automatic winding train; 880P for comparison is 5.6 mm thick (which gives you a thought how meager the sub-gatherings for both really are). This is, incidentally, additionally a double time chronograph; the register at 9:00 is a 24 hour hand, showing a second time zone.

The result is a paradigmatic super dainty, hand-wound chronograph wristwatch, somewhat bigger than an old style period piece, yet exceptionally exquisite and elegant, that truly fills a hole in Piaget’s otherwise extremely amazing arrangement of praiseworthy super meager watches and showcases its aptitude and transcendence as the house to consider, when you consider super slim watchmaking.

On the wrist this is actually what you’d anticipate from a gander at the numbers and at the plan; the Piaget Altiplano Chronograph doesn’t frustrate. It’s an extraordinary inclination to peer down at your wrist and see something this recognized and marginally antiquated – you feel such an incredible, unmistakable feeling of association with a long custom of what really defines polish in a watch. Huge loads of gentlemen like plainly manly, unmistakably emphatic games watches, and there’s nothing wrong with that, however there are a lot of times you should have something on your wrist that is not the horological equivalent of a bull moose hollering itself dry during mating season.

Watchmakers throughout the most recent two centuries have twisted around backwards to make watches more slender and to insiders, it’s probably the surest indication of competence, however aptitude in the craftsmanship; as resiliences recoil towards nothing, it gets dramatically more hard to do essential things like acclimate to positions or to get the hands in position so they don’t foul each other and stop the movement.

The chronograph pushers can feel a digit little however, not in a way off the mark with the general plan and history of such a plan (which, maybe, adds to the inclination that it’s simply a little notchy to work the pushers, albeit that is a minor niggle and not a major issue). Generally we thought this was a smashingly engaging activity in customary watch plan and watchmaking – with the way that the watch and development are sufficiently slender to have their spot among a portion of the incredible world’s record holders in chronograph development ever, significant good to beat all. It’s likewise impressively more affordable than a large number of its super dainty counterparts. We preferred it a great deal, we would not like to give it back, and in the event that you get one you won’t have to.

The Piaget Altiplano Chronograph, as shown, in pink gold, retails for $28,600. Discover more at Piaget online.