Angelus U50 Diver Tourbillon Hands-On

Angelus U50 Diver Tourbillon Hands-On

In keeping with their custom of using mechanically forward materials to deliver outwardly fascinating, thickly over-complicated watches, Angelus delivered their first since forever diver’s watch, the U50 Diver Tourbillon, during the lead-up to Baselworld. The U50 is a 300 meters water safe, 45mm wide, titanium cased, absolutely in-house sport watch with a flying one moment tourbillon. At Baselworld, your buddies at aBlogtoWatch had the option to get their hands on Angelus’ new sea faring creation to draw a nearer take a gander at the U50’s amazing rundown of features.

All pictures by Bilal Khan

As they did with the plan of their U21 and U22 models, Angelus have again constructed a watch that doesn’t have confidence in the normal forward looking dial with a development secretly hiding behind. Or maybe, the dial and development coincide in an exquisitely built showcase of watch plan. With the U50, Angelus made the thought a stride further. While the U21 and 22 have such a “back” worked behind the system (in carbon fiber, which was cool), the U50 is completely skeletonized in a way like the brand’s U20 Ultra Skeleton , which appeared in 2016. That the wearer’s wrist is noticeable under the A-300 Caliber gives the watch a lot of visual profundity and complexity.

The just conventional dial components to be found are the Angelus signature at twelve o’clock, which really lives on the underside of the counter intelligent sapphire gem, a part ring with yellow moment graduations, and applied rectangular lume blocks for hour markers. The hands are blue and yellow, loaded up with a sensibly measured causing of white SuperLuminova to keep the energetic topic alive. What’s more, a little seconds sub-dial, likewise executed in blue and yellow, is tucked conveniently somewhere in the range of nine and ten o’clock and has its own minuscule lumed blue hand. The inward diver’s bezel, a fundamental component for a diver’s watch, is likewise blue and yellow, with an Angelus-styled “A” for a zero/hour long marker.

It’s significant that the readability of the Angelus U50 Diver Tourbillon is superior to expected for a skeletonized watch, however it’s still beautiful unpleasant compared to a watch that’s really proposed for jumping as opposed to for exhibiting innovative ability, just like the case with the U50. While we didn’t have the chance to photo the watch in obscurity, I would envision that a lume shot may really introduce a more clear picture, as the complicated mashup of the dial and development would be less diverting than it is during the light of day.

The genuine superstar, and what represents a significant part of the expense, is the Angelus A-300 type, worked with a brief flying tourbillon. With 23 gems, a measurement of 32.8mm, and a stunningly spindly 4.3mm thickness, the A-300 is haute horlogerie both in view of its mechanically progressed execution and its great degree of adornment. Both the fundamental plate and upper scaffold of the A-300 type are scratched with chamfered edges and covered with a dark ADLC covering. The six-pointed plan of the wheels in the stuff train make them stiffer too. At last, the delightful tourbillon confine is reflect cleaned with meticulously chamfered and cleaned edges. This is a development you can’t quit taking a gander at, and it bodes well that Angelus forgot about every last bit of it in plain sight.

But by the day’s end, the U50 is a diver, so there involves the 300m water obstruction. Fortunately, Angelus have additionally fused their well informed into the plan of the double crown case. Inherent a 45mm wide titanium plan, the U50 case is magnificently executed with a generally brushed top and cleaned sides, which utilize titanium’s novel more obscure than-steel tone. Similarly as with numerous other double crown divers, twin, inclined titanium screw-down crowns with plentiful crown watches are in the two and four o’clock positions. Against intelligent sapphire precious stones are highlighted both in front and back, keeping an undeniable degree of perceivability of the U50’s internal workings.

As a diver myself, it’s intriguing to note Angelus chose for an interior bezel with the U50. Inner bezels, while cool, are something of a problem, as they are hard to work in the water and require unscrewing the crown, not something you ordinarily need to do in the water. Regularly, a diver sets the watch’s bezel not long prior to leaving the surface, yet with an inward bezel, that cycle is somewhat more complicated. Given the tremendous expense of the Angelus U50, it’s difficult to envision anybody unscrewing it anyplace close to water, since there’s a danger it may flood the perfect and costly development. Obviously, given the staggering probability that nobody will actually really take this watch jumping, this might just be an unsettled point.

In keeping with the jumping subject, the Angelus U50 is introduced on an exclusively formed regular elastic lash, complete with a three-dimensional Angelus “A.” A marked titanium pin clasp that coordinates the case balances the aesthetic.

The Angelus U50 Diver Tourbillon is an excellent illustration of haute watchmaking interweaved with an exemplary watch original—for this situation, the model of the jumping watch. Taking their standard significant degree of plan and watchmaking and showing it in a water safe bundle exhibits Angelus’ capacity to resist show and push limits. While many, including myself, would contend this is definitely not a genuine jumping watch, the U50 checks all the fundamental boxes for a diver while introducing a lively character. For the enthusiast of both fine watchmaking and plunging with a not irrelevant 29,700 CHF to extra, the Angelus U50 Diver Tourbillon may settle on the ideal decision.