Announcements: Audemars Piguet Breaks Ground On New Museum Extension By Bjarke Ingels, To Open Spring 2019

Audemars Piguet has recently declared that it’s kicked things off on the new expansion to its current historical center, which will house themed shows, just as space for watchmaking workshops and other introduction offices. The expansion, named the Maison des Fondateurs (“Home of the Founders”), was designed by Danish compositional firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group. It is a beautiful extremist takeoff from the current gallery building, which dates to 1868, and yet it’s been designed to coordinate straightforwardly into the Le Brassus landscape.

The new augmentation is designed to mix in amicably with the encompassing landscape.

As any individual who’s been fortunate enough to visit Audemars Piguet at home in Le Brassus knows, the Museum is an unfathomable mother lode of AP watches, just as watches made by individuals from the establishing families which pre-date the genuine foundation of the firm. It’s additionally difficult to visit the gallery without feeling that somewhat more light and space may introduce the awesome assortments in a superior light (to make a weak joke).

Well, AP is at last taking care of business. “Display rooms will substitute with watch-production workshops, unwinding spaces, sound and film research facilities and contemporary workmanship, making the ‘Maison des Fondateurs’ as a matter of first importance a spot for meeting, encountering and sharing,” says Audemars Piguet in the public statement appropriated today. “There will likewise be gathering and meeting spaces and a zone gave to the expert protection of the files and the Audemars Piguet Foundation.”

The inside will house an assortment of show, meeting, and introduction spaces.

Atelier Brückner, and inside design firm gaining practical experience in galleries and expos (situated in Stuttgart, Germany), will deal with the presentation space and inside, just as “all the scenography, arranging, and exhibiting of the watches,” including lighting. Geneva building firm CCHE is the nearby modeler and general organizer, while Bjarke Ingels’ firm BIG won the design competition for the general idea and design of the Maison des Fondateurs. Having a particularly large brand-name modeler include will no uncertainty attract a few eyeballs to the undertaking that in any case probably won’t even now Le Brassus exists.

Professor Uwe R. Brückner, of Atelier Brückner, will deal with the presentation space.

The outside of the Maison des Fondateurs, against the background of Le Brassus.

At a first look, the design intrigues us as a delicate expansion not exclusively to AP’s historical center offices, yet in addition to the neighborhood scene. Development has quite recently started, and keeping in mind that the general timetable relies upon the regularly eccentric notions of climate in the Vallée, AP desires to hold welcoming services in the spring of 2019, if all works out in a good way. You can wager we’ll be there when the new exhibition hall opens (at whatever point that happens to be).