Announcements: Jon Bues Joins As Senior Editor

Announcements: Jon Bues Joins  As Senior Editor

Whether you understand it or not, you’re most likely effectively acquainted with Jon and his work. He has over a time of involvement with the rudders of different watch distributions and is an apparatus in the business scene, with extraordinary access and viewpoint. Throughout the long term, Jon has filled in as the overseeing manager of International Watch magazine, the supervisor in-head of WristWatch magazine, the watch proofreader of Surface magazine, and the editorial manager in-head of Watch Journal. He has additionally added to Elite Traveler, The Hollywood Reporter, and other global distributions. As should be obvious, he’s a backbone in the watch world, and a considerable lot of us here at HODINKEE have known him for a serious long time. 

Jon’s specialized topics are very different. He’s similarly as comfortable expounding on a vintage 35mm Calatrava as he is offering knowledge into the most recent steel sports chronograph. He’s additionally acquainted with the real business side of things and the way of life of watch gathering, so he’s substantially more than simply an item fellow. We’re eager to see the accounts and viewpoints that Jon will bring to HODINKEE and the ways he will affect our publication mission at large. 

Stay tuned, Jon’s first stories for HODINKEE will be coming soon. For the present, give him a follow on Instagram at @jonbues .