Announcing Twelve New Watches For Sale In The Shop (Including An Original Nautilus, 5513, And 321 Speedy All With Full Sets!)

1980s Rolex Submariner Reference 5513 With Full Box And Papers

This late-arrangement 5513 is complete with sticker working on this issue back, full boxes, and unique papers.

The 5513 Submariner is, as we’ve said incalculable time previously, practically a definitive wristwatch. This is a later model highlighting white-gold encompasses to the hour markers – a few group like it, a few group don’t – however what makes this one extraordinary is that it is in stupendous unique condition. Further, it actually holds the first sticker working on it back, and comes with unique boxes, assurance, and cleaning fabric! This is a full unit late arrangement 5513, and you know this one will fly .

Zodiac Triple Calendar With Panda Dial

Zodiac panda dial triple calendar.

Scratch the name off this one and you have a significant, significant watch. This Zodiac includes an extraordinary (and sharp) steel case with panda dial and a Valjoux 72c-controlled triple schedule. There is such a huge amount to cherish here. Snap here for full subtleties and images .

Patek Philippe Nautilus Reference 3700 With Original Box & Guarantee

This reference 3700/1 highlights an astonishing tropical earthy colored dial and unique assurance from Astrua Torino.

In only 24 hours, there is a decent possibility my partners over in Baselworld will show you the best in class Nautilus – it is, all things considered, the 40th commemoration of the Genta magnum opus. Thusly, we needed to discover you a unique model in unique condition with a couple of pleasant to-haves. To start with, this 3700 is in extraordinary condition. Second, the dial has gone to a stunning, and even tropical, earthy colored tone. Attempt to locate another like it – you can’t. At long last, this 3700 highlights the concentrate from the files, yet in addition the unique guarantee, demonstrating the watch was sold at acclaimed Torino retailer Astrua. This one doesn’t come with the plug box, however it has an early veneer wooden Patek box, making it an astounding complete set. See full subtleties and photographs here .

Rolex Day-Date 'Wide Boy' For Spanish Market

This Day-Date is raised by its “Wide-Boy” dial and hands, and Spanish market day indicator.

There is such a huge amount to say about this Rolex but then we nearly don’t want to say anything by any means – the 1803 Day-Date represents itself with no issue. It includes a wide-kid, sigma-dial setup and was initially sold in the Spanish market. It might appear as though your normal DD, however it’s not – see with your own eyes here .

Rolex Datejust With Linen Dial In Mint Condition

Mint cloth dial Datejust.

A incredible Datejust goes far, and this one – highlighting a sought-after Linen dial – could be a definitive T-shirt to tuxedo watch. See here .

Omega Speedmaster Professional Reference 145-012-67 With Box And Papers

The last of the 321 Speedmasters, with a full kit.

You understand what the Speedmaster market is resembling nowadays, don’t you ? We felt free to find a late 321 (ref 145.012 for the individuals who may have watched our Reference Points on the Speedy ) however us being us, we discovered one with box and papers . You’re welcome.

1950s Oversized Zenith Chronograph In Rose Gold

1950s larger than average Zenith chronograph in rose gold.

Sometimes, the most wonderful watches on the planet don’t come from anticipated spots – enter this 1950s Zenith Chronograph. This watch is basically fabulous in both plan – 38 mm in rose gold – and condition. We can’t express sufficient beneficial things about this watch and it’s one a few of our colleagues attempted to purchase before we recorded here . This is a unique watch that will accumulate regard from any circle of collectors.

Yet, Wait, There's More!

This reference 16750 is accessible in the HODINKEE Shop.

If you believe we’re done there, we ain’t. Snap on over to the HODINKEE Shop presently to see the remainder of the current week’s watches determination here and remember our Rare Finds choices here .