Auction Recap: The Christie's Watches Sale In New York

Auction Recap: The Christie's Watches Sale In New York

Right off the bat, Lot 37, a Rolex Steel Submariner reference 6538 with plated four-line dial , pounded for a whopping $220,000. The first gauge was $60,00 to $100,000. This specific watch includes the plated four-line dial and the reference 6538, which was a similar reference (not to be mistaken for this precise watch) notoriously worn by James Bond in Dr. No. This sort of result further shows that the uncommon vintage Rolex market is as yet continuing forward, however I think we are moving away from vintage Daytonas as they have become somewhat exaggerated (the vast majority of which remaining within their traditionalist evaluations of $60,000 to $90,000).

Vintage Patek Philippe chronographs (like the references 1436, 1518, and 130) are additionally still solid, with results well within or over their given assessments. Parcel 47, a Patek Philippe/Tiffany & Co. reference 1436 , is a genuine example of how an uncommon, vintage Patek with a solid provenance can go the additional mile. This reference 1518 used to have a place with Webb Everett (1916-1977), who was a noticeable figure in pony dashing. Assessed for $150,000 to 250,000, this new to-the-market watch pounded for $280,000.

Also balancing the vintage chronograph bunch was parcel 81, the Vacheron Constantin single-button chronograph . This watch pounded for $110,000, almost multiplying its high estimate.

Another gathering of watches that surpassed their evaluations was the arrangement of three Patek Philippe veneer pocket watches, parcels 63-65. The star of the gathering, part 65 , included the Renoir painting, Two Sisters, done in polish by Suzanne Rohr. It was assessed for $120,000 to $180,000, and pounded for $290,000.

Some of the pieces that didn’t do so well incorporated the arrangement of three vintage Panerais. The Bronze Prototype jumping watch (Lot 153) passed and the Egyptian Navy and Radiomir scarcely made their low gauges. This further demonstrates that the vintage Panerai market is incredibly whimsical and keeping in mind that the appraisals were traditionalist, I think purchasers are more centered around vintage Rolexes at the moment.

Full closeout results are recorded here .