Auctions: Announcing Highlights From This Fall's 'Nautilus 40' Thematic Sale From Christie's

Dubai –  October 19, 2016

One of only two known steel 3700s with Omani crest.

The uncommon reference 3700/3 in yellow gold with precious stone bezel.

The first of the four section deals will happen in Dubai on October 19, and we’ll see two exceptionally uncommon pieces. The first is a reference 3700/1A (the main Nautilus, in steel) that includes an Omani peak on the dial. This is only the second such watch – in steel – to be affirmed true, and the primary bears the previous case number. In addition, the two watches were sold on exactly the same day in 1978. The watch was retailed by Asprey in London for Omani eminence, and it will hold a gauge of $150,000 to $250,000.

The second feature of the Dubai watches is a piece I have quite seen previously – named reference 3700/3. It is a yellow gold Nautilus with unique wide wristband, yet plant jewel bezel. It was, as indicated by Christie’s, one of the last first arrangement Nautilus watches to be made by the Favre-Perret case processing plant. Gauge here is $70,000 to $120,000.

Geneva – November 14, 2016

The 3700/031, ruler of the Nautilus.

One of two yellow gold 3700s with Omani dial.

There are extremely solid watches in Dubai, yet for Geneva, it’s unmistakable Christie’s will show the greatest and the baddest Nautiluses (Nautili?) they could find. The superstar is plainly the reference 3700/031, or one of only two 3700s to be found in platinum. This watch is a record setter as of now, having sold for 783,000 CHF in 2015, and it stays the main, most desired Nautilus on the planet. Christie’s has it at $500,000 to $800,000.

The other enormous part for the Geneva deal is another Omani Nautilus, this time in yellow gold. This watch has at no other time been offered freely, and is only the second yellow gold 3700 Omani dial to be seen. Gauge here is $200,000 to $400,000.

Hong Kong – November 28, 2016

Reference 3800/108 is completely jewel covered.

Reference 5712GR is moderately obscure to most.

Later in the long stretch of November, across the sea in Hong Kong, we’ll see two mega, yet more present day, pieces lead the way. The reference 3800, which quickly followed the 3700/11, was produced using 1981 through 2006, and at the highest point of the natural way of life is the 3800/108 in 18k white gold. The whole watch is full jewel pavé – in light of the fact that that is the means by which you need your games watch. Gauge is $64,000 to $100,000.

Another marginally more nuanced Nautilus will be accessible in Hong Kong, this time a reference 5712GR. This is a unique watch that was shown first in 2012 and has just been eliminated from the inventory. Gauge is $32,000 to $45,000.

New York – December 6, 2016

Two instances of the 5711A from Tiffany’s will be accessible, one in each color.

A uncommon reference 3800 with record dim dial and arabic numerals will be offered.

The last 10 watches of the ‘Nautilus 40’ deal will be offered in New York on December 6, 2016. The features here incorporate four – indeed, four – 3700s in steel, incorporating one with unique stopper box and endorsement just as a couple of other uncommon pieces. There will be two reference 5711s with Tiffany stamps (one in each dial tone) and an uncommon 3800/1 with record dim dial and Arabic numerals.

Four 3700/1As will be shrouded in the New York sale.

In all, Christie’s has arranged 40 intriguing minor departure from a watch whose plans may to some seem monotonous. Yet, watch gathering, specifically the grant of a watch like the Nautilus, is about subtleties, and little subtleties are what make the huge contrasts. To those acquainted with the theme, the parcels incorporate a few extremely uncommon “chalice” pieces. More subtleties to come soon!