Auctions: Christie's Geneva To Sell The Haile Selassie Patek Philippe 2497 With Black Dial, Again

Auctions: Christie's Geneva To Sell The Haile Selassie Patek Philippe 2497 With Black Dial, Again

The Haile Selassie Reference 2497, an uncommon Patek Philippe coming available to be purchased at Christie’s this May. 

The sell off went on as arranged yet the watch was pulled a minute ago in the center of the sale on November 9, 2015, because of a proprietorship title debate. All things considered, quick forward to now, and the Patek Philippe 2497 with dark plated dial is back available for the Christie’s Geneva deal on May 15. Christie’s affirms that the proprietorship debate has been settled and the deal would now be able to go forward.

So, back to the watch. For what reason is it so exceptional? The 2497 followed the 1526, and is one of the early interminable schedule wristwatches delivered by Patek Philippe. It was underway from 1950 to 1963 and ran on the manual-winding type 27-SCQ. It is conspicuous by its fat case with ventured carries. This specific 2497 is unique for a few reasons, the most clear being the dark overlaid dial, which is an extraordinariness among vintage Patek Philippe. Moreover, the combination of plated printing and Arabic numerals is very uncommon and seldom comes up at sell off ( except for this magnificence ). 

The caseback of the reference 2497 with the monogram of Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie. 

According to Christie’s, this 2497 was talented to Haile Selassie by Italian business visionary and pilot Federico Bazzi in 1954. Selassie at that point talented the watch to an “prominent African character,” who at that point passed it down to his descendents – who are currently selling the watch. As you presumably know, it is uncommon to have the option to follow the heredity of a watch this intently, so this sort of data is consistently valuable when something comes up for auction.

All altogether it is energizing to see this 2497 re-visitation of the market, as it was a significant let down when we didn’t will see the past deal come to fulfillment. The gauge is by and by CHF 500,000 to 1 million, and we will absolutely be watching it intently on May 15. For more data on this watch and the remainder of the closeout, you can visit the Christie’s site .