Auctions: H. Moser And Christie's Will Sell A Unique Watch Each Year To Promote Swiss Watchmaking (Starting With The Infamous 'Cheese Watch')

Auctions: H. Moser And Christie's Will Sell A Unique Watch Each Year To Promote Swiss Watchmaking (Starting With The Infamous 'Cheese Watch')

Initially, the sticker price of this watch was set at 1,081,291 CHF out of appreciation for Switzerland’s establishing date (August 1, 1291), yet we can securely accept that it didn’t discover any takers with that entirety appended. A sale will demonstrate an intriguing arrangement for surveying the estimation of a particularly surprising piece however. The offer of the Swiss Mad watch won’t be a particular occasion, as the primary model of the Swiss Alp Watch (recollect, the one that took a shameless chomp at the Apple Watch ) will likewise be offered at exactly the same sale. The two watches are offered without save. Also, it will not stop there either.

The unique model of the Swiss Alp Watch will likewise be remembered for the sale.

Going forward, one exceptional piece will be offered each year, with Christie’s playing host to the deals. It will be difficult to top a cheddar cased watch (Swiss chocolate would be a conspicuous competitor, notwithstanding specialized difficulties), however it will be intriguing to find in what course H. Moser decides to go with this in the future.

On a more genuine note, the cash raised this way will go to the Fondation pour la Culture Horlogère Suisse (Foundation for Swiss Watchmaking Culture), headed by as a matter of fact Georges-Henri Meylan. You may perceive that name from his previous spell as CEO of Audemars Piguet and his present situation of Chairman of the Board of MELB Holding (which right now claims H. Moser). He’s likewise the dad of current H. Moser CEO, Edouard Meylan.

While it may seem self-serving from the start, the Foundation has greater points than exclusively supporting Moser’s aspiration to “Make Swiss Made Great Again.”  The’s Foundation will probably save Swiss watchmaking customs and to help the related craftspeople and craftsmanship abilities. The specific activities have not yet been declared, however we can expect that the dissemination of the supports will incorporate a few grants for promising youthful talents.

The back of the Swiss Mad Watch shows the genuine development prowling inside the messy case.

The two H. Moser watches will be remembered for Christie’s overall display visit, so on the off chance that you live in Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei, New York, or Geneva, you can really go see the dairy-loaded Swiss Mad watch face to face. It’s a (bizarre) sight worth seeing, for sure.

We don’t yet have part numbers for these watches yet, however we will refresh this story when Christie’s distributes the inventory for the May 2017 sale.