Auctions: Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky Unique Piece Sold At Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Benefit In St. Tropez (For An Undisclosed Amount)

Auctions: Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky Unique Piece Sold At Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Benefit In St. Tropez (For An Undisclosed Amount)

Presentation of the Astronomia Sky at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation advantage in St. Tropez.

Vanity Fair reports , “most of the total came from a multi-parcel closeout that included talented works of art from Richard Prince, Damien Hirst, Jonas Wood, Cecily Brown, and Rudolf Stingel. A huge work by Urs Fischer, who was in the group, sold for more than $2.5 million. A short offering war resulted between Harvey Weinstein and DiCaprio over a huge representation of the entertainer in paint and squashed up plates by Julian Schnabel. DiCaprio, who was in front of an audience and prodding the maker to quit putting his hand up, at last slammed the hammer against his triumphant offer of $400,000.”

Watches were highlighted also. For as far back as three years, DiCaprio has sold one of his very own Rolexes, yet this year Jacob & Co. likewise gave a one of a kind piece adaptation of the Astronomia Tourbillon for the event.

The Astronomia Sky is another form of the Astronomia Tourbillon, and it shares the last’s four-equipped transporter framework. On one arm is a twofold tourbillon (counting the revolution of the whole transporter, the Astronomia Tourbillon and Astronomia Sky are really triple-pivot tourbillons). On the other three, in the Astronomia Tourbillon, are the hour and moment hands (masterminded on a stuff framework that keeps 12:00 at the highest point of the showcase, regardless of the pivot of the transporter) a turning globe cut from an orange sapphire; and a turning running seconds marker. I went active with the Astronomia Sky recently, and there’s actually nothing else like it out there.

The Astronomia Sky is likewise particular from the first Astronomia Tourbillon in having, as a component of the dial, a star outline with a moving oval that shows the segment of the sky obvious overhead, day or night. The circle turns once each sidereal day, going about as a sidereal time sign too. For the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Jacob & Co. given a form of the Astronomia Sky engraved with DiCaprio’s mark, and the words, “Liberality Is The Key To Our Future On This Planet.” ¬†This specific variant of the Astronomia Sky doesn’t have a sapphire globe, incidentally; all things being equal, it utilizes a circular jewel, as in the first Astronomia Tourbillon.

Leonardo DiCaprio in front of an audience with the Astronomia Sky.

The careful figure came to by the watch is classified, anyway Jacob & Co. reports it was above and beyond the $580,000 retail cost of the standard model. For more information about how the Astronomia Tourbillon became, look at our video meet with Jacob Arabo and watchmaker Luca Soprano , who examine a portion of the specialized difficulties associated with making the watch; and discover more about the ecological activities of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation at