Auctions: Some Lessons From Christie's Latest Auction In Geneva (Spoiler Alert: Vintage Patek Is Still King)

Auctions: Some Lessons From Christie's Latest Auction In Geneva (Spoiler Alert: Vintage Patek Is Still King)

Patek Philippe Pocket Watches Still Have Serious Appeal

A proliferation of Vermeer’s Milkmaid was lacquer painted on this present watch’s case.

This Christie’s deal unquestionably affirmed the strength of vintage Patek Philippe, as eight of the 10 top parcels in reality totally came from the Geneva produce. Yet, it was pocket watches specifically that outflanked assumptions. One prominent execution came from  part 143 , a 1968 pocket watch bearing a multiplication of Vermeer’s “The Milkmaid” painting on its case, which acknowledged $312,982. The plating is by the unbelievable miniaturist Susanne Rohr, who started working with Patek in 1967. The most grounded relative presentation really came from another pocket watch from Patek Philippe,  part 207 , a full-set chronometer from 1864 which sold for 20x its high gauge as it ultimately came to $264,126. These two parts alone clarified that there is as yet an eager market for excellent pocket watches, from all periods.

The Nautilus Is Still A Fan Favorite

Not your standard Patek Philippe Nautilus as it was made in white gold, back in 1978.

The top entertainers likewise included two uncommon Nautilus watches from the 40-parcel topical deal that Christie’s is facilitating across its four sell-offs this season. The white gold Nautilus 3700G accomplished the most grounded execution, as it multiplied its pre-deal gauge, getting $374,052. Of the 10 Nautilus models offered as a piece of this deal in Geneva, just the yellow gold 3700/1 with “Khanjar” dial neglected to arrive at its hold, and wound up unclaimed. All in, the nine Nautilus parts brought roughly $1,449,390 – this addresses practically 10% of the complete deal by income, while the nine sold parcels are barely short of 3% of the deal by volume.

Uniqueness Still Commands A Premium

This platinum-cased moment repeater is a one of a kind piece from Audemars Piguet.

The fourth most costly parcel generally speaking (and the most costly non-Patek part) was the Audemars Piguet minute repeater reference 3207 in platinum . It went for $386,266 as parcel 39 , soundly in the center of the fairly wide and high gauge. Given the modest number of moment repeaters at any point made by Audemars Piguet, and this current watch’s extraordinary highlights and history, the outcome isn’t in reality all that astonishing. Remarkable, new to-advertise pieces will in general be more energizing than notable models, which was reflected all through Monday’s outcomes at Christie’s.

The Daytona Market Isn't Slowing Down Anytime Soon

Yellow gold case and “Paul Newman” dial for this Rolex Daytona reference 6241.

After Patek Philippe, Rolex was the other ruler at this bartering – note that these two producers alone addressed 60% of all parcels offered, a serious uncovering number for their particular significance at barters. Among the 70+ Rolex watches offered, the two Paul Newman Daytonas both came to or surpassed their high gauges, exhibiting indeed the fascination authorities have with these colorful dials, in various case metals and pusher/bezel arrangements. The yellow gold reference 6241 (with siphon pushers and dark bezel) came to $300,768, while the hardened steel reference 6239 (with a similar siphon pushers yet a steel bezel) outperformed its high gauge and pounded at $196,950. We continue to stand by to check whether the market for these uncommon chronographs will back off, yet it appears as though we’ll be holding up a little longer.

Heuer And Omega Are No Longer Sleepers

The PVD Heuer Autavia reference 113.603 was picked by the Israeli armed force during the 1985s, subsequently the military markings engraved on the caseback.

Various Heuer and Omega chronographs, which had been put together toward the start of the sale’s line-up, had solid outcomes also. Most striking was the noteworthy last offered on a PVD-covered Heuer Autavia reference 113.603 , which came to $63,614. Its military provenance clearly contributed here (the right Israeli Defense Forces number was engraved on its caseback), however it is nonetheless unordinary to see chronographs from the 1980s accomplish such costs. Less astonishing was the $82,699 that an early Omega Speedmaster brought, as the state of this reference 2915-3 from 1959 was decently impressive.

Extremely Special Modern Watches Can Do Well Too

Definitely not your normal Lange 1, as this one comes with a case in pure steel.

There was extremely low portrayal of current wristwatches at this deal. Out of the 20 or so current used pieces offered, all sold fairly well, and far superior on account of an extremely uncommon Lange 1 in steel  that came with unique box and papers and got $143,313. While the market for vintage is for the most part more grounded than for current used watches, exceptional pieces actually perform well when they’re free. Ideally Phillips’ upcoming Hong Kong deal will give some more understanding here too.