Auctions: The First Results From Christie's Nautilus 40 Thematic Sale Roll In From Dubai

Auctions: The First Results From Christie's Nautilus 40 Thematic Sale Roll In From Dubai

The “Khanjar” Nautilus opened the topical deal, being one of the two just steel models known so far.

Let’s look somewhat nearer at that top part. As the main Nautilus, the reference 3700/1 is itself an extremely pined for  watch. However, the Omani crown, or “Khanjar” at six o’clock on  part 137 places this Patek in another measurement, and discloses the $150,000 to $250,000 gauge. This watch is one of just two steel Nautilus known to bear the Khanjar, which demonstrates this watch was a blessing from the Sultan of Oman. The other realized model displays is only one case number behind this one, and unexpectedly it was additionally sold by Christie’s  – back in 2012, it brought $87,401. The depiction of the watch here notes a 2013 dial substitution (from another Khanjar dial – this was definitely not a new expansion), yet the extraordinariness and provenance of this model bested this reality, and the watched wound up selling for $193,500, decisively in the center of the gauge range.

The Nautilus reference 3700/11 with its unique plug box.

The reference 3700/11 succeeded the reference 3700/1, with minor corrective contrasts , but it was as yet offered in the famous plug box. This crate was plainly important for the allure of  parcel 139 , along with the watch’s sigma dial. It in the long run broke its high gauge, pounding for $52,500. It was produced in 1981, only five years after the first dispatch of the Nautilus, and keeps up the first case extents of the supposed “Jumbo.”

A hardened steel 3800/1A and a two-tone 3800/1JA, both more modest takes on the first design.

Lot 142 and part 141  each multiplied their mid-gauges, selling for $20,000 and $21,250 individually, including purchaser’s premium. Both have a place with the 3800 family, which has a similar case style as the first Nautilus, yet with a decreased 37.5mm width. They additionally come with a focal seconds hand that wasn’t offered on the first Jumbo. Taking a gander at these two parcels, you see Patek Philippe playing with new subtleties and metals for the Nautilus while keeping things reasonably classic.

A 2008 Patek Philippe Nautilus Reference 5980/1A retailed by Tiffany and Co sold for $43,750

You can discover the aftereffects of the whole Dubai closeout on Christie’s site , with the last 10 parts being the assortment of Nautiluses. The following 10 watches in the Nautilus 40 deal hit the square in Geneva on November 14 and we’ll have a live update for you from the closeout room.