Auctions: The Very First Philippe Dufour Simplicity To Be Sold At Auction Next Week (And The Second, And The Third)

Auctions: The Very First Philippe Dufour Simplicity To Be Sold At Auction Next Week (And The Second, And The Third)

It is difficult to nail down precisely who the greatest living watchmaker is. Is Francois-Paul Journe with his magnificent and innovative complications ? Is it  Ludwig Oeschslin and his simplification of complications ? Or then again perhaps it’s  Roger Smith, with his chance towards the hand-made ? A case could be made for every one of the three of the men above, however any conversation of such an inquiry would positively be incomplete without a notice of the name “Philippe Dufour.”

There isn’t a lot of we haven’t just said about the expert skilled worker who , for instance, was the absolute first individual in history to put a grande sonnerie in a wristwatch. Furthermore, the main individual to put a twofold equilibrium wheel in a wristwatch. And keeping in mind that the Grand Sonnerie and Duality are the two Dufours that gave him the validity to be referenced among the greatest, the Simplicity will definitely be his actual legacy.

Phillips will offer two instances of the Simplicity on one day, back-to-back.

Conceived by Dufour to be the ultimate articulation of conventional Swiss watchmaking in the Vallée de Joux, a center is offered not to the complication but rather to the completion of the astounding in-house type. It is viewed as perhaps the most finely completed watches on the planet (for an extraordinary glance at how it piles facing two other top of the line time-onlys from Laurent Ferrier and Seiko Credor, click here ).

Dufour made only 200 of these in arrangement from the year 2000 until around 2014. That is around 15 watches each year – that’s really unfathomable to consider. These watches stay the valued assets of many the most canny watch gatherers on the planet and one can go months, if not years, without seeing a solitary model available to be purchased in the public space.

Dufour’s Caliber 11 is perhaps the most very much respected physically twisted developments ever created.

But one week from now, we will see the absolute first Simplicity hit the sale block – and indeed the second, and the third as well. Throughout two days (November 28 and 29), Christie’s will sell one model and Phillips will sell two.  

Let’s investigate every one of the three.

November 28 – Simplicity No. 61, 37mm White Gold With Guilloché Dial (Christie's)

Simplicity No. 61 is white gold, 37mm, and features a guilloché dial.

While it is unfathomable to have three watches hit the square at generally a similar time, they are on the whole completely various configurations. The primary watch, part 2842 in the Christie’s Hong Kong deal, is a 37mm model in white gold. It features the dial that is most associated with the Simplicity, one with a focal guilloché pattern. Being Simplicity No. 61, it is a relatively early model (however the latest of the three here), and in the bigger case size and white metal it ought to progress nicely. This Simplicity is relied upon to sell between generally $100,000 and $180,000. You can peruse more about it here .

November 29 – Simplicity No. 11, 37mm Rose Gold With Lacquer Dial (Phillips)

Simplicity No. 11 is 37mm in rose gold with a white polish dial.

The next watch, which will hit the square the following day, just across town at Phillips Hong Kong, is maybe my #1 iteration of the Simplicity. Here we have a 37mm case, this time in rose gold, however with a shocking white veneer dial. It isn’t veneer as numerous frequently inaccurately accept – Dufour decided to utilize polish since it furnishes a comparable look with greater solidness, and it takes into account a more slender case.

No. 11, similar to the next two models, features unique bundling and certificate.

And, discussing the case, the 37mm Simplicity, with its adjusted mid-case and long dainty carries is genuinely perhaps the most heavenly things to at any point be created by the nation of Switzerland. This early model – No. 11 – is one of only a handful not many with a “PD” etching on the equilibrium chicken. The estimate of this beautiful Dufour is generally $120,000 to $180,000 and you can discover more about it here .

November 29 – Simplicity No. 30, 34mm White Gold With Guilloché Dial (Phillips)

Simplicity No. 30 is a duplicate of the watch that Mr. Dufour wears today – 34mm white gold with guilloché dial.

The next part after the watch above is the last Simplicity to be sold at sell off one week from now, and a fascinating one since it is ostensibly the most flawless articulation of the watch planned by Philippe Dufour. It is white gold, estimated at 34mm, and feature a guilloché dial – this is precisely the same configuration worn by Mr. Dufour himself right up ’til today and a duplicate of the No. 000 model regularly found on his wrist. Phillips has a similar estimate here concerning the 37mm rose gold watch, $120,000 to $180,000, and more subtleties can be seen here .

A Note About Production Numbers

I think it merits referencing the accompanying in light of the fact that I’ve listened to some speculative talk there about the number of bits of the Simplicity were made. At the point when Dufour reported the task initially, he told the gathering scene 100 pieces would be made. At the point when he understood the watch was decisively what numerous authorities were searching for, he stretched out the arrangement to 200. At no time did he say this was the last run of Simplicity watches, however many expected that at any rate. In January 2015, a post on a Chinese discussion broke the news that truth be told Dufour could in any case make the Simplicity , and he did as such for four extremely enormous customers of his. As of late in Geneva, I saw Simplicity No. 205 on the wrist of its proprietor (a meriting customer if there at any point was one), and when Mr. Dufour attended the HODINKEE Collectors’ Summit around this time a year ago, he referenced that he should seriously think about opening the arrangement again in light of the mind blowing interest. This doesn’t in any capacity mean there will be more Simplicities out there – Philippe is, all things considered, dealing with his next watch and stays an exclusive show, so it isn’t as though he has the opportunity to make some more. However, I do feel it is definitely worth referencing the abovementioned (and it unquestionably would’ve been raised by our always adroit commenters). Further, not the slightest bit does the creation number of the Simplicity, regardless of whether it’s 100, 200, or 205, anily affect the nature of this watch, its significance to authorities, or the inclination it provides for its owners. 

I have been requested handfuls from times throughout the long term how I can help companions, authorities, and perusers get a Dufour and now, at last, I have an answer – register to offer one week from now, on the grounds that there is no assurance any more will at any point see the light of day.