Auctions: This Very Strange White Gold Prototype Is Now The Most Expensive Rolex Submariner In The World

Auctions: This Very Strange White Gold Prototype Is Now The Most Expensive Rolex Submariner In The World

The watch we have here created huge loads of interest in front of the present deal. It is a model white gold Submariner from the mid 1970s and just three models are known to exist (two with blue dials, one with a dark dial). This watch doesn’t have a chronic number, however it’s known to be a certified watch that emerged from the industrial facility resembling this, and it has been with similar private gatherer for over 30 years. The white gold case has an amazingly strange jump bezel that just has knurling on two restricting areas, and the blurred blue areola dial has yellow gold markers and hands. Did I notice that the strong white gold wristband has a bark finish? It does. Seriously.

The gauge on this watch was 250,000 to 500,000 CHF, which means it sold for somewhat more than 25% over its high gauge. Given all the components over, it’s nothing unexpected that the watch brought enormous dollars. Be that as it may, for this abnormal watch to now be the most costly Submariner on the planet feels somewhat unusual. All things considered, it feels very weird.

This ref. 6538 used to be the world’s most costly Submariner.

The previous record-holding watch couldn’t be more unique in relation to this one. Sold in November 2016 for 562,000 CHF at Phillips Geneva Watch Auction: Four, this ref. 6538 is as unadulterated an exemplary Submariner as you’ll discover anyplace. It’s the exemplary “Enormous Crown” (as put on the map by James Bond), yet in fantastic condition and with a very tropical earthy colored dial with four lines of text at six o’clock. Such a the ideal tempest when you consider all the things that generally make vintage Rolex watches collectable. It’s uncommon in any case, it’s in extraordinary condition, and it’s an extra-uncommon variation, also that it has that wonderful chocolate dial. Seeing this watch, it’s absolutely justifiable why it would be the most costly Submariner on the planet.

Put these two watches next to each other, and you get a bizarre representation of the current Rolex market. Among this and the “Bao Dai” pulling in more than $5 million , it’s truly beginning to appear as though uniqueness bests all else (regardless of there being in excess of a couple of contrasts between these two cases).

This is one of just three white gold Rolex Submariner models from the mid 1970s.

This white gold model may be the most costly Submariner ever, however it’s positively not the coolest. Does that significantly matter? Does the way that this watch is scarcely unmistakable as a Submariner at all make it really fascinating or less intriguing? Are we going to see steadily raising costs for novel looks as the world’s greatest gatherers search for new thrills? 

You can see all the outcomes from the present Christie’s deal here .