Audemars Piguet Extra-Thin Jumbo Royal Oak Ref. 15202 Gold Watch Hands-On

Audemars Piguet Extra-Thin Jumbo Royal Oak Ref. 15202 Gold Watch Hands-On

Regardless of whether you’re into all things that glitter, it can’t be rejected that 2017’s SIHH patterns were accentuated by stacks of the 79th component in yellow, white, and chilly tints . What’s more, nobody had more to show in this camp than Audemars Piguet , whose Extra-Thin Jumbo Royal Oak (reference 15202) in gold didn’t exactly capture everyone’s attention from the showstopping Perpetual Calendar in clay , yet it surely came outrageously close – particularly for those who’ve been following the last 40 or so long stretches of the Royal Oak.

All pictures by Ariel Adams & David Bredan

As we as of now begin anticipating 2018’s SIHH oddities, we figured it high an ideal opportunity to investigate a portion of the current year’s top choices, which incorporate the brilliantly over-the-best 15202, delivered unexpectedly as an advanced, non-restricted reference totally in 18-carat yellow gold. It’s not simply the all-gold case that loans the 15202 importance however – there are a couple of other (yet substantially more unpretentious) viewable prompts that set this specific reference apart, and might make it more alluring for gatherers later on. Maybe generally self-evident, is the basic time and date-just dial arrangement, completed by the ‘AP’ logo at 6:00, which pays direct reverence to the first steel 5402 delivered in 1972. This tasteful additionally offers its appreciation towards the yellow gold 5402BA Jumbo delivered five years after the fact – the first run through Audemars Piguet delivered the Jumbo in this valuable metal.

However, more critical is the thickness – the new 15202 estimates a hair over 8mm, 0.2mm thicker than the first 5402, and the nearest we’ve seen to those spearheading super thin estimations since the 40th Anniversary versions from 2012 – henceforth the ‘Extra Thin’ naming show. This new-however old profile, combined with the prominently wearable 39mm case size really feels like the sweet spot for the Royal Oak, and has a lot to do with why this notorious plan had the option to become a particularly future-verification exemplary in the first place.

The Jumbo Royal Oak in its most exemplary arrangement is a watch that verifiably, by all estimations, should wear astoundingly thin. Nonetheless, this new reference is one that actually figures out how to bounce off the wrist, because of its strong yellow gold case, and light-eating “Dainty Tapisserie” apparent champagne hued waffle dial. Those searching for a somewhat more restrained stylish actually delivered in this valuable metal will value the second of the 15202’s two new dial varieties: a beautiful blue, which, given the spate of blue-on-bronze games watches we’ve seen for the current year, is as much on-pattern, as it is marginally less ostentatious.

Despite the smooth profile however, the gold 15202 is a shockingly hefty watch. This material deception is expected, obviously to the way that gold’s thickness is almost multiple times that of treated steel, loaning the emphatic wrist presence of a lot bigger games watch to one that can in any case slide effectively underneath the sleeve of a dress shirt. At the point when you take a gander at the wristband and situation while considering the heaviness of the gold, the thin profile yet strong gold look presents a differentiated character that functions admirably. It’s safe, however a cutting edge plan symbol in an old fashioned material.

From the dial-side, the look and feel of the 15202 is unmistakably exemplary – like a vintage re-issue of the first 5402 in gold. Inside however, beats an alternate story. Here we have the Caliber 2121, presently delivered in-house by Audemars Piguet (in the Royal Oak’s early stages, the 2121 was really created by Jaeger LeCoultre). It’s a super thin programmed development estimating 3.05mm thick, and described by an interesting 2.75Hz (19,800 vibrations each hour), however that somewhat below the norm alternance isn’t promptly noticeable as the 15202 doesn’t include a running seconds hand. In contrast to the 5402 that propelled it, the 15202 gets a sapphire precious stone presentation caseback, through which the cal. 2121’s 21-carat gold rotor is noticeable, as it skims to and fro on the round rail running the circuit of the development – one of the stunts empowering the 2121’s mark thinness.

In absolute, the 15202 will be accessible in three variations – the new gold alternatives (yellow gold on champagne yellow, or yellow gold on blue) join the current treated steel 15202 which was once again introduced back in 2012. While the hardened steel Extra-Thin Jumbo Royal Oak begins at generally $22,000, those hoping to ‘stay gold’ can hope to leave behind over twofold that – $55,000 for the 18-carat gold variations.