Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Grande Date 5050 Watch Hands-On

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Grande Date 5050 Watch Hands-On

B lancpain ‘s Fifty Fathoms group of top of the line jump watches has been one of my number one extravagance sport watch assortments for some time. At Baselworld 2018 Blancpain presented a couple of new models in the Fifty Fathoms assortment including my top choice, which is this Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Automatique Grande Date 5050. Let’s compare the Fifty Fathoms 5050 with the still rather well known Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 5015, which I looked into on aBlogtoWatch here . The 5050 is a more up to date model with an updated development and diverse case materials. So, it’s anything but a substitution of the 5015, yet rather an extra added flavor. The Fifty Fathoms assortment in its present structure is absolutely a maturing model (having been initially appeared in 2007) – however it is faring admirably even after longer than a time of being available. The 2018 Fifty Fathoms Grande Date 5050 probably won’t get proprietors of the 5015 to “upgrade,” however it could undoubtedly get considerably more individuals into wearing what is a truly alluring and great performing very good quality Swiss diver’s watch.

All active pictures by Ariel Adams & David Bredan

Blancpain dispatched the Fifty Fathoms Automatique Grande Date 5050 with two model varieties, which just vary in what tie they come matched with. The reference 5050-12B30-B52A comes matched on a truly decent quality dark shaded “sail canvas” tie as imagined, and the reference 5050-12B30-NABA comes on a dark NATO-style tie. Both of these are acceptable energetic lash alternatives however I truly need to see the Fifty Fathoms 5050 on an arm band. The 5015 has a steel arm band alternative, which I believe is a decent look, yet the 5050 doesn’t have a wristband choice as of now. The explanation I accept is on the grounds that this new Fifty Fathoms Grande Date is in titanium, and creating the wristband may be more costly than what numerous clients will spend. All the more thus, this is the lone titanium watch of this size for the Fifty Fathoms assortment and Blancpain most likely needs to hang tight for a couple of more watches with this case to be utilized in the event that they will create a coordinating titanium wristband. I would likewise actually very much want to see a dark crocodile tie on this watch. The tie is a sporadic size at 23mm wide.

It is genuine that the not, at this point created Blancpain 500 Fathoms jump watch was the first of the brand’s current plunge watch models to utilize titanium. That model was bigger at 48mm wide (and about 17mm thick), making the all around enormous 45mm wide (and 16.27mm thick) Fifty Fathoms appear to be humble in size by comparison. In contrast to the dressier cleaned completing of the steel Fifty Fathoms, this titanium 5050 model is given a more device style silk brushed completing for the titanium. Similar to the case with Blancpain’s renowned game watches the case is created with delightful accuracy and the general nature of the relative multitude of components in the Fifty Fathoms Automatique Grand Date feels excellent.

Case water obstruction stays at 300m and dial readability keeps on being fantastic. Blancpain additionally keeps utilizing their phenomenal bended sapphire gem bested pivoting diver’s bezel that has luminant painted numbers. Sapphire precious stone over the bezel is profoundly scratch-safe. The actual dial presently has a major date marker at the 6 o’clock position. Blancpain has had large date watches in the past however the majority of them had the date window whimsically positioned on the dial. With this new development the enormous date show with its two windows is set in a more even position. I do miss the 6 o’clock hour pointer yet the dial evenness with the huge date complication makes it work out eventually for me. What I don’t know of is whether the huge date numerals are painted with radiant material. On the off chance that that is simply the situation and the date is additionally given Super-LumiNova, at that point I feel the dial will be only that amount more appealing.

Otherwise the dial of the 5050 is generally equivalent to the dial of the 5015 for certain other little changes. The solid and rich sword style hands remain, yet the Arabic hour numeral markers at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions have been supplanted with arrow point style markers to coordinate the lay on the dial. Just the hour marker at the 12 o’clock position keeps on being shown utilizing Arabic numerals. The dial is as yet one of the prettiest accessible on a diver’s style apparatus watch as I would like to think, given its copying of vintage practical style with current execution.

The development within the Fifty Fathoms Automatique Grande Date 5050 is similar base development as the 5015 model for certain significant contrasts. Likewise of significance is that the 5050 assortment comes with a show caseback now permitting you to see development while holding a similar degree of water obstruction. The base type is “100% in-house made” (as Blancpain likes to powerfully remind us all), and for the Fifty Fathoms Grande Date is known as the type 6918B. With haute-horology completing however a contemporary and semi-mechanical tasteful, the programmed development likewise now incorporates a silicon hairspring (4Hz operational recurrence) while the three origin barrels keep on contribution 120 hours (five days) of force hold. Blancpain planned the 6918B development to take into account all the capacities – including change of the huge date utilizing the crown with no requirement for extra pushers.

I respect this mechanical development a considerable amount and like that we would now be able to see it through the caseback on this Fifty Fathoms model. I do anyway lament Blancpain’s utilization of a more nonexclusive Blancpain brand rotor plan instead of something a touch more on-subject for a jump watch. Past models had a programmed rotor that was formed like a nautilus shell. Something to that effect, as I would see it, would have permitted authorities to frame a marginally closer, passionate bond with this watch. At long last, I need to add that in view of the silicon balance spring, the 5050 (like the 5015) is a “anti-magnetic” watch with a decent degree of protection from attractive fields.

The market for very good quality game watches ($5,000 and up) is huge and gatherers will in general stall out in circles purchasing very similar things. Blancpain never gets as much consideration as I might want with regards to the predominance of their game watches – however I think it is identified with cost. Swatch Group possesses both Blancpain and Omega – the previous of which has a touch more energy with regards to extravagance sport watches with gatherers. Omega does in fact take a ton of extravagance sport watch business at Swatch Group. Blancpain then again is frequently seen as principally a dress watch company with generally watch gatherers and not lay shoppers being acutely inspired by their game watches – a considerable lot of which cost more than $10,000 in non-valuable materials. On the off chance that you can financial plan for one of these “luxury every day plunge watches,” I think you’ll be truly content with both the style and quality. Cost for the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Automatique Grande Date reference 5050-12B30-B52A and 5050-12B30-NABA is $17,500 USD.