Breaking News: Christie's To Hold A 40 Lot Thematic Nautilus Sale Across Four Auctions, Three Continents, And Two Months This Fall

This 40 parcel deal (a welcome, sensible number) will be separated across four unique sales, occurring in four distinct urban areas, throughout right around two months. Each individual sale will incorporate 10 pieces from the Patek Philippe Nautilus 40 Sale. The four dates remember Dubai for October nineteenth, Geneva on November fourteenth, Hong Kong on November 28th, and New York on December 6th.

This is an absolutely better approach to do a topical deal, and it seems to have its ups and its downs. On the positive side, this is one certain fire approach to ensure worldwide eyes will fall on the second-level city deals (commonly Dubai and HK aren’t the most on-the-radar areas for worldwide authorities) and it’s a fun new configuration. Simultaneously, separating a topical deal like this will possibly execute the furor (if there is one) in offering after the initial 10 parcels. The truth will surface eventually how well this recipe for a topical deal will work and we have no subtleties on any possible features from the 40 parts – yet you can be certain we’ll presents to you those when we can!

Also, it is significant that Christie’s is the current record holder for a Nautilus offer of any sort – this platinum 3700 sold for $909,000 in  May of 2015 , for sure in the post-Bacs period, no less.