Breaking News: Phillips To Hold Stainless Steel Chronographs Only Sale This Coming May (Early Look)

Tropical dial Rolex Daytona RCO.

Next you’ll see another Rolex, however this one is years and years after the fact, and comes from the Daytona classification. This one highlights an excellent tropical dial. Indeed, a tropical dial RCO Paul Newman. Consider it.

Breitling Duograph, Ref. 791, some time ago the property of the late Sir Jack Brabham,

Next we have an astonishing part seconds Breitling called the Duograph. This split-seconds Breitling is unique enough as a watch, however this is made much more unbelievable by the way that it was given to Sir Jack Brabham – a three-time Formula 1 hero – in the wake of winning the 1960 season. Simply staggering. Gauge is 30 to 60k CHF.

Longines A7 (gauge: 50,000 to 100,000 CHF).

Next is another sacred goal of vintage chronographs gathering – the Longines A7. Indeed, the dial’s pivoted 45 degrees to make it simpler to peruse on the wrist, and yes this is 51 mm in width, so it’s not for weak willed, but rather kid is it cool and kid is it uncommon. Gauge is 50 to 100k CHF.

Patek 1463 retailed by Freccero.

You realized Phillips would be back with another steel 1463, particularly after the out and out stunning consequences of the last one they sold. This watch is very much reported – in Paul White’s chronographs book and Goldberger’s steel Patek book – and undoubtedly in HODINKEE’s own Talking Watches with Alfredo Paramico . To say this is a fantasy steel chronograph would be putting it mildly. Gauge here is 350 to 550k CHF.

In a fascinating move, the deal will likewise incorporate a piece extraordinary Big Bang from Hublot, the returns of which will go straightforwardly to an undisclosed altruistic organization.

The Phillips’ Start-Stop-Reset deal will happen at 6 p.m. on May 14, 2016, in Geneva. More to come on this one, without a doubt, as we draw nearer to the sale date.