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Breaking News: Steel Patek 5016 At Only Watch Sells For CHF 7.3 Million, Becomes The Highest Priced Wristwatch Of All Time

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If you’ve been following HODINKEE recently, you most likely realize that this is a major end of the week in the watch sell off world. What’s more, the watch that has presumably pulled in the most consideration is Patek Philippe’s commitment for Only Watch , a piece one of a kind 5016 in steel. Why? Since, as Jack suggests here , there has been a broad agreement that if the correct components met up, this watch could become one of the most expensive wristwatches of all time.

Patek Phillipe for Only Watch 2015

Well, the mallet just dropped on the Patek and we have the outcome. After to and fro offering between two telephone bidders for the last 2 Million CHF, the watch offered to a telephone bidder in English (presumably from the UK, in light of the way that Paul Maudsley was the Phillips worker taking the offer), and the last cost was 7,300,000 Swiss Francs (CHF), which makes it the #1 wristwatch ever!

A solid outcome that shows the strength of these special present day “Super Pateks” just proceeds to climb and that the sky truly is the breaking point if extraordinariness, allure, and a large portion of each of the, a competitive offering soul come together.