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Breaking News: The Federal Trade Commission Takes Action Against Deceptive Marketing Practices In The American Watchmaking Industry

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rolex@rolexdaydateprices.compare ourselves to the Swiss or Germans, American laws are totally different and we, as Americans, should regard that.”

I asked Jordan Ficklin, leader chief at the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute , what he figures this FTC direction will mean for the American watchmaking industry going forward.

“The FTC direction affirms what I think we as a whole knew as of now which is that the Made in the USA name is among the most grounded on the planet,” Ficklin said. “It’s extraordinary for America yet it presents a showcasing challenge for the American watchmaking brands, particularly the individuals who need to compete abroad. There is a gigantic interest for American made items and keeping in mind that there are numerous companies gaining extraordinary ground here, none of them today will actually want to guarantee ‘Made in the USA.’ The brands should be completely straightforward in their cases and I trust the buyer rewards them for that. I think it is superb that we have companies who put forth their whole defense in the U.S. I think it is great that we have companies who amass watches in the U.S. We don’t need these brands to get debilitate by this decision. We need them to push forward making horological items here in the U.S.A. AWCI upholds the arrival of an American watchmaking and clockmaking industry. We need to work with the brands to comprehend the FTC rules and to create honest showcasing efforts that will assist them with advancing their items and become the industry.”

The capabilities to call an item “USA Made” are altogether different from Swiss Made” as the FTC’s direction shows. It will be fascinating to perceive what comes of this direction later on, and if the FTC decides to explore some other American watch companies. Ideally this explanation of what Made in USA implies for American watches will help in making everything fair, and at last in making a more legit and synergistic American watchmaking industry.