Breaking News: The Single Largest Collection Of Vintage Audemars Piguet Has Been Sold, And All 89 Timepieces Are Going Back To Audemars Piguet

Following 25 years of canny and persistent quest for AP’s most uncommon watches, Marcus Margulies has chosen it’s an ideal opportunity to head out in different directions with his whole Audemars Piguet assortment. Truth be told, each of the 89 pieces are leaving London immediately. Also, these aren’t only any pieces. Four years prior, HODINKEE saw part of the massive assortment, which incorporates instances of the world’s previously serialized tourbillon wristwatch, exceptionally critical bounce hours – a forte of AP – and platinum minute repeaters. Also, that is just a glimpse of something larger. It likewise includes 33% of a bunch of nine manual-winding interminable schedules with jump year sign, made during the 1950s; a few Valjoux 13″‘ VZA-fueled chronographs from the 1940s, and the Universelle pocket watch, one of the world’s generally significant and important ultra complications, completed in Glashütte however controlled by an Audemars Piguet development. We urge you to investigate a portion of the features here .

Jasmine Audemars, administrator of AP’s top managerial staff, said: “This obtaining is the most significant throughout the entire existence of the Audemars Piguet Heritage assortment on account of the unbelievable nature of the pieces addressing a high centralization of major authentic accomplishments for the brand.”

Margulies had been searching for a purchaser for a long time, under the condition that the whole assortment be purchased without a moment’s delay, leaving him with just a single clear applicant. Talks with Audemars Piguet heightened a couple of months prior, and gossipy tidbits about the deal were affirmed recently by both parties.

“I have had 25 years’ pleasure amassing the assortment, and it is correct that it goes to Audemars Piguet,” said Margulies. “It is the best home for it.”

If, previously, Margulies had communicated authentic amazement at being “permitted to amass a particularly significant assortment” by both the Audemars Piguet and different gatherers, this is on the grounds that the plant has created the absolute generally inventive and uncommon wristwatches and pocket watches of the twentieth century. Just as of late has their actual worth begun to get the acknowledgment they deserve.

To completely comprehend the estimation of vintage Audemars Piguet, try to look at our inside and out glance at a portion of the Museum’s most significant pieces , as clarified by Sebastian Vivas, overseer of the Audemars Piguet Museum in Le Brassus, and Audemars Piguet student of history Michael L. Friedman.

The Marcus Margulies assortment was sold for an undisclosed price.

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