Breaking News: Tudor Ref. 7923 Submariner Sells For $99,999 On Ebay, Making It The Most Expensive Vintage Tudor Ever Sold Publicly

Breaking News: Tudor Ref. 7923 Submariner Sells For $99,999 On Ebay, Making It The Most Expensive Vintage Tudor Ever Sold Publicly

Since this watch first sprung up online ten days prior, it’s been at the focal point of internet watch jabber. Offering started at $3,500 and there wound up being in excess of 72 bids before the cost arrived at $99,999. The seller, based in California, needed to make significant updates to the listing eight separate times, noticing things such as Geiger counter readings (to confirm the creativity of the radium lume) and adding definite development photos.

The craziest thing about the result however? The watch most likely might have sold for additional. Seriously. In the event that you attempt to offer above $99,999 on Ebay, you are stood up to by this screen:

If you need to experience and really place a six-figure offer, you need to confirm that you have the cash close by to support the offer, and that includes a call and rounding out some forms. The watch sat at the $99,999 max for a long time paving the way to the bartering closing – my guess is that many individuals figured they would swoop in finally, just to be thwarted by this safeguard. 

The ref. 7923 that sits in the authority Tudor archives.

The watch in question is the super uncommon Tudor Submariner ref. 7923 from 1956/1957. Just a small bunch have even been sold freely and we have no reason to accept there are that a lot more out there. This is the just physically twisted Submariner from one or the other Tudor or Rolex and the watch features a small crown, a super slim case, and a level caseback. We saw one on our visit to the Tudor archives and the picture above is of that completely unique, mint condition watch. You can also see this French archive on VRF to see how the ref. 7923 fits into the genealogy of Tudor Subs, in terms of components and construction.

A take a gander at the small, physically twisted development inside the ref. 7923.

The model here is in really extraordinary, honest condition. On the off chance that you overlook the scratches and dings on the crystal (not a serious deal by any means), you have a watch with fat lume plots, an unpolished case, and a decent even bezel. You can even see on the shots of the watch with the case open that there are no service markings or scratches inside the watch by the same token. There’s no strap or wristband, and keeping in mind that the development was initially not working when the watch was listed, it was fixed at Shreve & Co. in San Francisco and is presently turned out great, as per the seller.

I mean, just glance at the bevels on the lugs of this case. No question this is an unpolished case. The coin edge on the bezel is another giveaway that this watch hasn’t been worn too hard throughout the long term. Once more, overlook the nature of these photos and attempt to take a gander at the watch that is portrayed in them.

If you move beyond the scratches on the crystal, this is a truly extraordinary watch.

To put this sale in setting, we should take a gander at the not very many others that have sold throughout the long term. In the event that we return to 2009, there’s this ref. 7923 that vendor Andrew Shear sold on the Vintage Rolex Forum for $12,000. Now, I must remind you to take full breaths and not toss your computer across the room. Just a couple of years after the fact, in 2011, one sold at Antiquorum Geneva for somewhat more, just under $15,000, however the dial was unquestionably a substitution (note the T<25 at the base – a reasonable giveaway that it’s a later tritium dial). At last, in 2015, Louis discovered you one in Bring A Loupe that sold at Watches of Knightsbridge for £38,000.

Tudor ref. 7924 sold at Christies for $93,750 in 2016.

The just Tudor that has come anyplace close to this watch is this ref. 7924 Submariner that sold for $93,750 at Christie’s in 2016. The ref. 7924 is basically what might be compared to the Rolex ref. 6538 “Major Crown,” the watch worn via Sean Connery in the first James Bond film, Dr. No, and seriously pined for by vintage collectors.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay One that was inspired by the ref. 7923.

Notice I said this is the most expensive vintage Tudor watch at any point sold. In November 2015, the one of a kind Tudor Heritage Black Bay One sold for 375,000 CHF at the Only Watch noble cause sell off. Amusingly, the advanced Black Bay One was really inspired by the ref. 7923 we have here today. It was a major cost, sure, however it was a coincidental occasion and not something that has an effect available all the more by and large (nor is it an impression of something besides what this one watch is worth to two specific bidders). 

The biggest lesson we can gain from the entirety of this is a lovely simple one: Great watches can show up anyplace. At estate sales, in base drawers, through prestigious sale houses, from trusted dealers, and, of course, on the internet. The best collectors know to keep their eyes open and their ears to the ground. Also, sometimes, they end up with the huge prize.