Breaking News: Valentin Piaget, The Creator Of The Calibers 9P And 12P, Has Died At Age 95

Breaking News: Valentin Piaget, The Creator Of The Calibers 9P And 12P, Has Died At Age 95

Launched in 1957, the type 9P flaunts a thickness of simply 2mm, making it one of the most slender hand-wound wristwatch development ever made.

When Gerald and Valentin Piaget took over for their dad in 1945, the two siblings were confronting an extraordinary test: make the Piaget name stand apart all alone. It was not that the watchmaking abilities of the family and their workers were challenged in any capacity, however until the 1940s the Piaget brand had not been enlisted or advanced. Truth be told, most Piaget watches didn’t bear the Piaget name on the dial, and the conveyance of completed developments to different watchmakers delayed Piaget’s obscurity according to the public. 

But the two siblings had a secret weapon – a spic and span producing office in La Cote-aux-Fées where they could zero in only on making thin developments. This exertion paid off, and in 1957 the 9P type was uncovered. Its 2mm thickness genuinely permitted Piaget to introduce itself as the “s pecialist of the slimmest watches on the planet .” The decreased thickness was an extremely commonsense accomplishment, since it permitted the creation of slimmer watches. This likewise permitted Piaget to fit the really forcing hard-stone dials (ordinarily with a 0.7mm thickness) that would become a mark for Piaget heading into the 1960s and 70s.

The 12P keenly depended on a 24k miniature rotor for its programmed winding.

Yet, Valentin and his group didn’t stop at the physically twisted 9P, as they were additionally targeting offering the slimmest programmed type at any point made. What’s more, they in the long run prevailing following two additional long periods of exploration, which finished in the type 12P. At 2.3mm, this development was scarcely thicker than the 9P, yet can’t be considered as a simple advancement of its archetype. The entire development must be re-begun without any preparation to accommodate for the miniature rotor, a bright framework recently received by Universal Genève and Gruen. The 12P was introduced at the Basel reasonable in 1960 and dazed the watchmaking world.

Creating a 2.3 mm-dainty self-winding type had recently appeared to be a pipedream. The whole examination group in La Cote-aux-Fées can invest wholeheartedly in having kept in touch with probably the best section in watchmaking history, and in having worked in the very soul that drove the pioneers.

– Journal de Genève, 1960

The 12P was considerably more progressive than the 9P, and Piaget’s promoting continued featuring its fantastic measurements , again setting the brand as the expert of super flimsy watches. It would really take over 10 years for another development to break the as far as possible, with the Jean Lassalle type 1200 arriving at an entrancing 1.2mm thickness (at the expense of restrictive delicacy). Also, at no time would Piaget forsake its mission of slimness, building up the most slender quartz development in 1976 with the type 7P, and all the more as of late the 3.65mm Altiplano reference 900P  (in this case, that estimation is for the whole watch, not simply a movement).

The 3.65mm Altiplano 900P can be viewed as the advanced continuation of Valentin Piaget’s work and accomplishments.

The actuality that the name Piaget is currently promptly connected with slight and exquisite watches has nothing to do with karma; unexpectedly, it was the difficult work of Valentin Piaget and his sibling Gerald (and later his nephew Yves also) that made Piaget what it is today. There is no uncertainty that today the assembling has lost a man to whom it owes its legacy.