Bring a Loupe: A Crazy Rare Zenith El Primero And Five Nicely Priced Chronographs From Wittnauer, Minerva, Mathey-Tissot, And More

A Minerva Chronograph Reference VD712 With A Better Dial Than It Seems

This Minerva is a genuine illustration of a decent looking three-register chronograph that does not use up every last cent. The Minerva VD712 is controlled by the famous Valjoux 72 (also found in vintage Rolex Daytonas) and obviously this chrono was even used by the Swedish armed force – you can locate some extraordinary shots of the military engravings here . The dial here prominently features a base 100 scale, mostly used by engineers to figure, for instance, the yield of a creation chain inside a certain time span (this is one of the less notable and less frequently seen chronograph scales). The state of the 36 mm case is very acceptable, and the dial obviously superior to it looks in the pictures – frequently, scratches on the plexiglass can give the illusion that the dial has blurred in some parts; different images from the listing affirm that the Minerva logo and the red outside track are both fine.

This promising Minerva just broke the $1,500 blemish on eBay here .

A Zenith El Primero Reference G383 – What A Dial!

This is one of the rarest, and craziest, El Primeros that Zenith at any point delivered. Just 200 examples were made, yet this reality pales in comparison to the overflowing “Poker Chip” dial. Its design is absolutely novel, and it manages to be over-the-top and oddly seductive at the same time. The indexes here may raise some questions, as they don’t highlight the surrounding metal markers seen on most of the other G383 – this subject was really covered on some forums to a great extent . All things considered, other similar examples can be discovered: one other is as of now listed, with papers, on Chrono24 , and some documentation also refers to this dial design here . The jury is still out in regards to this dial – Zenith may simply have requested two runs of dials for the G383, for the versions with and without the coordinated bracelet.

Matthew Bain has this dashingly eccentric El Primero listed here .

A Wittnauer Reference 7004B With World Time Bezel

Wittnauer is also one of those brands again and again ignored – and this chronograph is a genuine illustration of that. The dark dial version of the Professional Chronograph is far more predominant, however the brushed silver dial creates an emotional impact, especially in contrast to the red 24-hour outer track complementary to the world-time bezel. Its dimensions are really contemporary: 40 mm case with 20 mm lugs, similar to the cutting edge Rolex Submariner. Also, everything on our checklist looks very great: incredible case, unique signed crown, and serviced development. Generally, the lume is alluringly patinated – despite the fact that it is a piece snapped on the hour hand. Yes, this proves that Wittnauer was not just the U.S. merchant of Longines, yet they also made some extremely fair watches as well.

The seller Watchsteez is offering this stunning Wittnauer for $2,650 here .

A Mathey-Tissot Chronograph – Not The First Time It's Come Up For Sale

A snappy go through eBay history reveals that this chronograph has been consistently offered on eBay over the past month, with the asking cost decreasing from $3,300 to $1,750 today. For what reason hasn’t it been picked at this point? All things considered, the state of the 44 mm (!) case could be better, and it has been polished really intensely – uou can see that from the dulled edges of the barrel case and the half-erased markings looking into the issue back. The two missing lume dots on top of the dial are also arguments for a discount. All things considered, the dim dial with the red tracks is attractive, and inside you will discover a Valjoux 726, an improved version of the same Valjoux 72 referenced previously. Note that this chronograph model is showcased on Mathey-Tissot’s website here . Mathey-Tissot is not identified with the Tissot brand in any capacity, yet you may have known about them as a top choice of Elvis Presley, or as the maker of numerous vintage Breguet Type 20s.

You can discover this Mathey-Tissot for $1,750 on eBay here .

A Hamilton Fontainebleau Reference 11001-3 With Panda Dial

This is not a watch for weak willed, with its 47 mm case and 14 mm thickness. In any case, on the off chance that you are available to its atypical case shape, the Hamilton Fontainebleau is really an extraordinary pick – a smart method to get a pined for panda dial for a reasonable sum. Here, I truly like that the seller mentions the chronograph hands reset effectively, as discovering this isn’t the case can be a costly discovery with a chronograph development. This Hamilton Chrono-Matic uses the famous type 11, which is programmed thanks to its inserted miniature rotor from Buren and regularly recognizable by the setting crown at 9 o’clock. You can discover the type 11 on numerous different chronographs from Hamilton, Heuer, and Breitling; during the 1960s those brands joined in the race for the first programmed chronograph development against the two different players, Seiko and Zenith. All thought of an alternate solution, back in 1969.

This intense Hamilton is offered for $1,099 on eBay here .

A Wakmann Chronograph With Orange Hands

Last however not least, Wakmann – who you may know as Breitling’s neighborhood specialist in the U.S. They also offered some quite sweet watches, however how about we get the facts straight – those were never fabricated by Breitling, unless the watch is twofold signed Breitling/Wakmann on the dial, as Breitling was doing in France with Lip or UTI. Nonetheless, this Wakmann is exceptionally reminiscent of the Top Time line from Breitling, with the same appealing reverse panda dial, yet tops it with some truly cool orange hands – in spite of the fact that I am not sure that the hour and minutes hands are really unique. I would have expected some straighter hands than this syringe shape, more in accordance with a similar model offered here .

You can locate the interesting Wakmann on eBay here , at the hour of publishing offering was beneath $400.