Bring a Loupe: A Nice Heuer Carrera, A Fantastic Rolex Submariner, A Slim Tudor, And More

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A Rolex Submariner Reference 5512 That Almost Has It All

This is the sort of Sub that makes Rolex aficionados really energized. In the first place, it is the rarer reference 5512, the main Submariner to come with crown guards for its larger 40 mm case – the previous Submariners had 38 mm cases, for example, James Bond “Big Crown.” The reference 5512 was later a confirmed chronometer, but such early forms didn’t bear that certification on the dial; you can anyway discover this reference number engraved between the carries and as expected it is fueled by a caliber 1560.

The party doesn’t stop there, as it comes with a luxurious dial, and please excuse the Rolex geekery: it is reflexive (instead of the later matte ones), overlaid (with gold content), the moment track has a chapter ring; its minuscule radiant dab below the list at 6 o’clock is described as an exclamation point. Moving away from the dial, the sharp crown guards and the right “kissing-four” embed (from the interweaved digits at the 40 mark) further underline the rarity of this example, and the complexity of vintage Rolex. The watch isn’t absolutely great in any case – handset and bracelet are later parts – but frankly the amazingly adorable engraving looking into it back makes it available! Who might not marry a young lady gifting a particularly crazy decent Sub, and who had it engraved, “We’ll be sweethearts everlastingly 12-17-64”?

The dealer HQ Milton is offering this ultra-rare Sub for $36,650 here .

A Tudor Oyster 'Elegante' Reference 7960 With A Slim Build And Beautiful Face

Obviously best known for their games watches, Rolex is considerably less remembered for its thin watches, keenly named Veriflat and Verithin during the 1950s. Those never met with any real commercial achievement, consequently their rarity – the NY-based dealer Vesper is at present contribution one here . The fact that Tudor also came up with a slim contribution at the same time frame is even less publicly known, consequently my fervor to finally see a decent one come up; the last great one I saw was recorded on eBay over a year ago, and I bought it for a companion. This one is absolutely exquisite, with typical 1950s looks between the leaf hands and the triangular lists. The 34 mm case of the Elegante reaches the expected slenderness thanks to its flat case back covering a manual-winding development. As it frequently happens with vintage Tudor the majority of the parts are from Rolex, and endorsed as such. Note that there is some light spotting on the dial but nothing dramatic – it appears to generally show under certain angles.

The European dealer Cars And Watches just recorded this “Elegante” for 1,499 euro (or around $1,700) here .

A Heuer Carrera 2447S With That Magic Case

Finding a great Carrera always gives me the same amazement – that case is a piece of art! Especially when it remained unpolished – the plan of the carries is really striking, from the inward facets to the magic ratio between its length and curvature. The serial number of this reference 2447S – the “S” standing for its silver dial – is steady with the early execution of the dial and hands. As you ought to expect, this chrono kept its original unsigned crown and the small pushers activating the caliber Valjoux 72. To put it plainly, this is a great Carrera, in a condition that less and less often discovered nowadays; hence it ought not remain available for long.

The German dealer Rarebirds is offering this sweet Carrera for 7,800 euro (or around $8,900) here .

An Enicar Reference 232-01-02 With Orange Hand And Date Window

While the values of Aqua Graphs and Sherpa Graphs continue soaring, it remains possible to discover cool looking Enicars at great costs, as confirmed by this 1970s example. The condition isn’t stellar, the case has been cleaned many occasions, the sub-register could be cleaner, and the crown ought to be agreed upon. But it is nonetheless evaluated attractively to make a cool end of the week watch, with this bright second hand and the unusual date window at 6 o’clock, afforded by the Valjoux 232 development. I would simply have it overhauled, swap the Bulova bracelet for a decent strap, and be all set.

This crazy Enicar is recorded on eBay here ; at the hour of publishing bidding was below $300.

A Wittnauer Chronograph, With Valjoux 72

Pictures don’t really do equity to this pleasant Wittnauer and its fresh dial. All in all, this is a really decent 36 mm chronograph, with a great deal pulling out all the stops. Namely, the ubiquitous Valjoux 72 development – by now, I will spare you the reference to vintage Daytona; the development here is extremely clean – and a waterproof case back. I also have a thing for its blued hands, and the patina of its lume. The plexi would should be either cleaned or replaced – a minor mediation. On the lower left part on the development you can see the original import mark, a pleasant way to sort out where a watch was originally proposed sold.

You can discover this Wittnauer on eBay here ; at season of publishing, bidding was simply below $800.

Bidder Beware: A Zodiac Chronograph With Panda Dial But Most Likely A Chrome-Plated Case

This illustrates the trouble of discovering decent vintage watches on eBay, and I am not just alluding the usual blurry pictures. No here, there are positive AND negative details about this watch, the panda dial easily making it into the main category. I would not stress over the distinction in branding between the case back (Clebar) and the dial and development labeled Zodiac, as both trademarks were possessed by the same corporation. No, the real concern here is the metal of the case; described as stainless steel. After taking a gander at the image below, I believe there’s reason to believe it’s chrome covered, likely explaining the pitting appeared below. Besides, the 7721 reference referenced in the posting was utilized by Heuer for its chrome covered cases, Heuer being a known provider for Zodiac. As with any plating, chrome will in general flake over the long run and will eventually wear until the base metal appears on the other side, so I would consider avoiding this one and search for the “real” stainless-steel panda dials from Zodiac or Hamilton that regularly spring up on eBay.

You can locate this troublesome Zodiac recorded on eBay here ; at the hour of publishing bidding was simply below $700.

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