Bring a Loupe: A Patek Amagnetic Reference 3417, An Omega Seamaster Memomatic, A Military Longines 13ZN, And More

Bring a Loupe: A Patek Amagnetic Reference 3417, An Omega Seamaster Memomatic, A Military Longines 13ZN, And More

Omega Memomatic Reference 166.072

The Memomatic is an unmistakable alert watch in that it permits you to definitely set the caution to the moment, while its competitors, for example, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox just permit you to pinpoint a surmised time. The type 980 that permits such an accomplishment is likewise programmed (consequently the Memomatic name) and a self-winding system controls the caution complication also. A  recessed pusher at 3 o’clock controls the snappy set date.

This extremely shrewd piece was first dispatched in 1969; the flavors of the time are apparent for its situation shape. It comes in an assortment of dial designs; there are silver dial models like the one you see here, yet additionally some with blue and orange notes (once more, reflecting contemporary market inclinations). The completing of the case and the applied logo, shows that the Memomatic was unquestionably not designed as an economy model. Here, the case is all around saved with clear chamfers and a pleasant brushing over the drags. Finally, the dealer noticed that the watch was as of late overhauled, and that it works without issues.

This Omega Memomatic is presently recorded for 1,590€ (or around $1,700).

Patek Philippe Amagnetic Reference 3417

The late 1950s saw the improvement of numerous enemy of magnetic wristwatches from Rolex, Omega, Eberhard and IWC, yet we ought not fail to remember Patek Philippe, which delivered the rich hardened steel reference 3417 of every 1958. It was properly initiated the “Amagnetic,” which was written in a sensitive text style on its dial. It is assessed that at most 600 models were made until the creation halted in 1970, not every one of them highlighting the “Amagnetic,” signature on the dial (the textual style here looking bolder than expected). Several progressions occurred through the creation period, as The Complete Guide To The Patek Philippe Reference 3417 Amagnetic appropriately documents.

Looking at this 3417 we would already be able to tell from its hand-wound type 27-AM 400 that it was created after 1960. Its dial gives a far and away superior sign of the timetable, as its “Type 3” determinations (the spotted moment track, the SWISS notice and the trademark sub-second register while some debate encompasses the first presence of “Amagnetic on this late Type) must be found from 1965 forward (so quite later than the posting’s notice of 1964, albeit a creation in late 1964 is as yet conceivable). We can’t affirm the year from the chronic number on the development (it isn’t noticeable on the photos) yet it appears from the inscriptions on the caseback that at any rate this part was supplanted during an assistance. At last, the vender takes note of that the contribution additionally incorporates a Patek-marked lash and buckle.

The German vendor Meertz offers this Patek Philippe Amagnetic for 38,500€ (or around $41,000).

Military Longines 13ZN Reference 6486

The dependable chronograph of the Longines type 13ZN  was a clear selling point for the military, which clarifies a 1937 request from the Romanian armed force. This comprised of two references, the 6476 and the current reference 6486 . Longines were not by any means the only provider for that request, since Omega additionally conveyed a few watches. The model here shows up in the Army register, clearly the first of the reference 6486 watches that were delivered.

The merchant takes note of that the watch was as of late adjusted, and that the chronograph complication is functioning admirably. The dial appears to be in extraordinary condition, with the normal radium radiation noted (estimated with a Geiger counter). Its 35.5mm case shows stepping of the chronic number on a few areas – on the development, dust cover, caseback and bezel – which permits us to watch that those parts are unique to the watch.

This military Longines 13ZN is offered on the Omega Forums for $24,000.

Lip Genève Chronograph With Oversized Sub-Registers

Interesting Lip chronographs don’t stop at the blue “Paul Newman” I as of late fixated on. This converse panda dial certainly has a place with that rundown of desired references, albeit the current model isn’t in the best shape. Its dial is fascinating nonetheless for the Genève notice, underlining Swiss assembling for the French brand, which was likely a transition to go more upscale. This is really affirmed by the hardened steel case (“Tout Acier” engraved on the internal side of the caseback) as Lip chronos of this period (1960s) ordinarily had just tempered steel casebacks, with the remainder of the case chromed. Curiously, this chronograph imparts numerous highlights to the Breitling 765 AVI , particularly the vibes of its larger than usual sub-registers, and of the handset (the type Venus 178 is another common point, however to be reasonable a ton of different brands were likewise utilizing that chronograph movement).

The 39mm instance of this Lip is additionally one of its ideas, and not just on account of its enormous measurements for the time. It is undoubtedly monobloc, implying that the caseback and case make one single part, which permits better water-obstruction. This additionally discloses the recommendation to open the case from the front, engraved in French on the external side of the caseback. This very caseback gives another fascinating sign with regards to the type of the “EPSA” etching, which represents the watch case producer Ervin Piquerez S.A. – EPSA as you may know, was a trailblazer in making case plans that would offer improved water opposition, like the Compressor and Super Compressor developments . 

You can discover this Lip chronograph on Ebay with current offering simply above $1,900.

Bidder Beware: A Zenith El Primero G381, With Questionable Dial

Who doesn’t adore a pleasant unique El Primero? While the hardened steel forms are better known, a few references accompanied a gold case, including the reference G381. It was recently included in this segment , and two things were noticed: its case shape is indistinguishable from the dearest El Primero reference A386 , and it is really more extraordinary than the A386, as the G381 was just created in 700 models somewhere in the range of 1969 and 1972. Also, its 38mm case is made of 18ct yellow gold, which never hurts.

Yet, other than the metal of the case, the dial is the one major distinction between the A386 and the G381, and here we  have an issue; this dial shows the tri-shading registers of the A386. Another detail is much really stressing: the long circle on the letter “o” in “El Primero,” which is a trademark indication of administration dials. There is consequently little uncertainty that this Zenith was never brought into the world with such a dial, a reality that the merchant appropriately addresses, albeit one may differ with the case that a small bunch of G381 really displayed comparative tri-shading dials from the beginning (and individuals from the Omega Forums enormously did  last year).

A seller situated in the UK valued this perplexing  Zenith El Primero G381 at £8,950 (or around $11,150).