Bring a Loupe: A Selection Of Tool Watches From Patek Philippe, Tudor, Zenith, And Others

Jardur Bezelmeter 960, With Flying Log

Usually, watches with gold-plated cases are not recommended here in Bring A Loupe, yet this Jardur was too uncommon to ever be neglected. The Jardur Bezelmeter 960 was fabricated only for pilots, with the pivoting bezel showing the excess span of a flight (the bezel is intended to be utilized as a commencement clock). This model comes with the log of its unique proprietor, a female flight educator who depicted the trips of her understudies in 1946, in planes, for example, the Piper J-3 and the Stearman. The watch additionally come with a customized etching on the caseback, which expands the appeal of this Valjoux-72 fueled chronograph. 

WatchesToBuy is offering this exquisite Jardur for $3,950 here .

Patek Philippe "Amagnetic" Calatrava Reference 3417

The reference 3417 is a unique watch in Patek Philippe’s set of experiences. It may resemble a dress watch however the exquisite “Amagnetic” content on the dial additionally uncovers its uncommon enemy of magnetic properties. Moreover, the 3417 was just accessible with a 35 mm tempered steel case, a metal infrequently utilized by Patek at that point. It was delivered from 1958 to 1970, and it is assessed than close to 600 watches were made (not all of which had the sensitive Amagnetic signature on the dial). The model here utilized the hand-wound type 27-AM 400, showing it was delivered after 1960. The little seconds register likewise demonstrates a subsequent execution dial, which limits the date range down much further to 1963 to 1970, as per the The Complete Guide To The Patek Philippe Reference 3417 Amagnetic that we covered here .

You can locate this uncommon and excellent Patek Amagnetic recorded on The Keystone for $60,000 here . Note that the watch comes with the first box and a concentrate from the archives.

Zenith S.58, An Uncommon Diver

The Zenith S.58 is an undisputed top choice of mine. It’s a perfect vintage jumper that is by and large neglected nonetheless. As its name suggests, it was initially dispatched in 1958, first with a hand-wound development, and in 1960 and automatic type was added. Here we have the last form. The S.58 was clearly fabricated extreme in view of common sense, with a 37mm waterproof case, a turning bakelite bezel, and lumed numerals on the dial. The profoundly engraved case back is another fascination of this Zenith, plainly showing its reference number. To put it plainly, it is an extremely alluring bundle at a small amount of the cost of a contemporary Rolex Submariner, which, at that point, didn’t much offer a date.

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Tudor Chronograph Reference 94300, With Exotic Dial And Original Sticker

The measurements of this watch make it evident why it got the moniker “Huge Block.” At a strong 40mm, it is impressively greater than the 1970s Rolex Daytonas, whose case distances across scarcely arrived at 37 mm. Here, the case appears to be in acceptable unpolished condition, with thick hauls and fresh inclines. This group of Tudor is fueled by the workhorse Valjoux 7750 and can likewise be viewed as the principal automatic chronographs from Rolex, as the Daytona was just fitted with an adjusted Zenith El Primero in 1988. The dark dial with differentiating orange numerals offers a fascinating format, with the date at 3 o’clock and the moment counter at 12 o’clock. Note that the case back still bears the first sticker with the reference number. 

Iconic Watch Company recorded this crazy Tudor chronograph for $12,000 here ; I wish I had recently offered on it on Ebay here .

Breitling Top Time Reference 810

This three-register Top Time clearly offers an appealing converse panda dial. It additionally comes with a fascinating 38 mm case, which is a decent increment from the standard 35-36mm size commonly found on comparable chronographs from competing brands. Here, the handset follows the high contrast shading plan of the dial, something normal for later Top Time creation (and reliable with the thicker second execution case). The hands appear to be somewhat short, yet this peculiarity has been seen on a few other Top Time reference 810 and in a Breitling index from 1969 that you can discover here . It is difficult to tell from the image whether the crown is signed with an engraved “B,” yet it ought to be if it’s a unique part. 

You can discover this Breitling offered available to be purchased here .

Bidder Beware – A Lemania "Viggen", With Inconsistent Parts (UPDATED)

UPDATE: We were reached by the dealer following this story went live and it turns out the blunders in the posting were unexpected. He rectified them and has distributed a refreshed posting on his site with the right data which you can discover here . This was a case of mixed up personality more than anything and it was an innocent mix-up. The content underneath is the first content and has not been changed to mirror the new listing.

The Lemania “Viggen” is an exquisite chronograph made for the Swedish military; we covered a pleasant one here . Costs have been consistently climbing, yet I would not consider the one recorded for $7,000 on Ebay here . The case, dial, handset and crowns are right for a Lemania reference 817, yet I would not say the equivalent regarding two fundamental parts, the bezel and the case back. 

The case back isn’t phony, however it ought to have had the trademark “Tre Konor” (the three crowns being the seal of the Swedish Army). Realizing that the Viggen was not sold as a non military personnel form, a smooth case back sounds dangerous. Also, the bezel is clearly off-base – with its Zenith Cairelli look, it most likely has a place with the Lemania with a similar reference, however conveyed toward the South African Air Force. Toward the end, I would recommend avoiding this semi-Viggen.