Bring a Loupe: A Selection Of Vintage Chronographs From Rolex, Wittnauer, Yema, And More

A Yema Yachtingraf Regate Jumbo, Quite A Special Chronograph

Unless you are French, you’ve likely never known about the brand Yema. However, they used to deliver some executioner chronographs some time ago, with an attention on vehicle and boat dashing. We really included an early illustration of the Yachtingraf here , however the later one you see here stands apart for two reasons: size and plan. The 43mm case addresses a significant increment from the 39mm size of the “standard” release, and you can’t miss the correct commencement counter, which discloses to you immediately that this is a regatta clock. Instead of offering simply a hued register, Yema went as far as possible and broadly adjusted the chronograph type Valjoux 7733 to highlight a marker circle, with the goal that you could be ideally set up to have your boat experience the beginning line after the five-minute commencement. You can locate a definite clarification of this present chronograph’s working here .

A regarded authority is offering his model on a discussion here ; he is thinking about proposals over 3,000 Euros or around $3,400.

A Rolex "Big Red" Daytona Reference 6265

No need to acquaint HODINKEE perusers with the Rolex Daytona, it’s the notable chronograph; vintage or current, and gatherers fixate on them like no other watch ( even at HODINKEE ). On the vintage front, they came in various plans and references; I thought I was more pulled in to the dark bakelite bezel-siphon pushers combination, yet this reference 6265 makes me question indeed. Some way or another, the unpleasantness of the screw-down pushers, and the steel bezel combine flawlessly with the silver dial and its differentiating sub registers. Note that the “Huge Red” epithet comes from the text dimension of that word, while on later dials the printing is smaller.

You can locate this 1979 Daytona offered for $40,000 here .

A Wittnauer Professional Reference 242T, A Former Contender For The Moon

Wittnauer was among Omega’s competitors in the underlying trial of the NASA during the 1960s; you clearly realize that the Speedmaster won the challenge, and turned into the Moonwatch (and is being worn in space right up ’til today). Nonetheless, there is a ton to adore with the Wittnauer Professional reference 242T, thought to be the watch given to NASA to the tests, in spite of the fact that there is no sureness there yet. It comes with a 38mm case, a truly appealing dark dial and the chronograph development Valjoux 72. Could you request more? The model here appears to be fit as a fiddle, and it would look much more pleasant after a delicate cleaning of the plexiglass gem. I don’t know whether the marked dabs of rice bracelet is unique to the watch, however it gives it an extraordinary look.

This Wittnauer chronograph is recorded on eBay here ; at the hour of distributing offering was at $4,000, the beginning stage of the dealer.

An IWC Mark XII Reference 3242, The Italian Limited Edition With Titanium Case

While this IWC is in reality a Mark XII, in a few different ways it is outstandingly unique in relation to the standard form of the toolwatch, a lot to pleasure of certain gatherers who appreciate the absence of date in this variation (in accordance with the past Mark XI that Arthur checked on here ). This reference 3242 “EF” was for sure dispatched as a 100-piece restricted release in 1998 for the Italian IWC wholesaler Emilio Fontana – consequently the initials – and offers a titanium case, an entirely unexpected dull blue dial, and a yellow second hand. Emilio Fontana and his accomplice, Giorgio Lattada, offered their distributorship to the Richemont Group when it gained IWC) It additionally comes with an ETA-based development rather than the Jaeger-LeCoultre 844 type, a little cost to pay for all its differences.

An Italian gem specialist is offering this restricted version Mark XII for 4,000 Euros or around $4,500 here .

A Breitling Top Time With An Intriguing Reverse Panda Dial

The reference 2002 is an exceptionally alluring rendition of the Top Time; it has an incredible looking “turn around panda” dial – and obviously, the James Bond association. For sure, Q changed this watch into a Geiger counter in the film Thunderball. No Geiger counter here, however we do have a treated steel monobloc case, implying that it was implicit one piece to build water obstruction, and the development must be removed from the front. (The model utilized in the film had a custom, one-off case made for it by VTC, and you can peruse more about it in our inclusion of the Thunderball Top Time here .) Unfortunately, the handset and files are somewhat stressing, as they show a gold tone, while they ought to likewise be in steel. In the event that this isn’t a hallucination from the photos, this infers that those parts came from another Breitling reference and were subsequently mounted to expand this Top Time’s worth, the converse panda dial being significantly more important than its plain silver kin.

So I would ask the eBay vender for better pictures here , and stay very careful.

An prior form of this story portrayed Emilio Fontana as an IWC retailer. Mr. Fontana was really an IWC wholesaler, as a peruser brought up by email.