Bring a Loupe: A Selection Of Vintage Chronographs, Including A Rare Rolex 'Pre-Daytona,' A Heuer Skipper And A Universal Geneve Tri-Compax

A Rolex 'Pre-Daytona' Reference 6238 With Coveted Black Dial

The reference 6238 is frequently considered as the beginning stage of the Daytona line, as it showed the advanced looking dials that would then be able to be found in the principal Daytona, the reference 6239. The 6238, nicknamed the Pre-Daytona, was dispatched in the mid 1960s, just a short time before the presentation of the reference 6239 – the main genuine Daytona – that Ben depicted top to bottom here . The dial format of these two references is practically indistinguishable, and they are fueled by a similar Valjoux 72; the genuine distinction comes with the presentation of the fixed tachymeter bezel for the Daytona, which is more lively than the smooth bezel of the 6238. The reference 6238 was just delivered until 1967, for an absolute yield accepted to be around 1,500 pieces – a serious low number at Rolex’s size of assembling. Additionally, by far most of  those accompanied silver dial; the uncommonness of the dark dial made it a vital piece in a Rolex assortment, disclosing a 3 to 4x different from one dial to the other.

The vendor Eric Ku just recorded a gorgeous dark 6238 for $75,000 here .

A Heuer Skipper Reference 7764

The name’s a giveaway obviously, yet this Heuer additionally displays its actual reason unmistakably: the 15-minute counter at 3 o’clock was worked for yachtsmen, as a regatta commencement clock. A genuine Heuer, it furnishes this capacity with incredible outrageous readability, and style. The Skipper is an intriguing piece with regards to Heuer’s creation as it continually acquired its case from different references, the Carrera from the outset, and here you most likely perceive the 40 mm compressor instance of the Autavia. The Skippers are very uncommon, particularly in this condition. The moment hand may have lost a touch of lume, yet the case is remarkable, likely immaculate as the inclines on the lugs show. The  crisp chronic number falls pleasantly inside the short creation range in 1969; this watch is genuinely uncommon to come across, and around two dozen models have been accounted so far on the devoted site HeuerChrono .

The German vendor Rare Birds just offered this extraordinary Skipper here .

A Mathey-Tissot Chronograph – More Than A Type 20 Wannabe

There is an excellent motivation behind why this Mathey-Tissot looks such a lot of like a Breguet Type 20: during the 1950s Mathey-Tissot was really the maker for the Breguet Type 20 broadly utilized by the French armed force. Breguet was in good company to supply the French Air Forces in 1954 – Vixa and Auricoste likewise built up a comparable 38 mm flyback chronograph to Type 20 details, although Breguet are the most desired today. This Mathey-Tissot can be viewed as a non military personnel variant, however significantly more than a me-also watch as it was delivered close by the Breguet, with similar parts. It is really a genuinely uncommon variant in itself, as the majority of the Mathey-Tissot Type 20s embraced the later two-register design. Note that the upper left lug here appears to have a ding on its inside.

Matthew Bain is offering this uncommon and surprising flyback chrono for $11,000 here .

A Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic Reference E168 – The Original

The Geophysic is another genuine instrument watch from the 1950s, created considering one explicit reason: to shield its chronometer-grade development from obstruction by magnetic fields. Hence, it offered an enemy of magnetic enclosure for its development, and a water-safe case for great measure. So, this was an exceptionally safe at this point profoundly exact watch, with a calm dial and remarkably formed hands. Just 1,038 pure models were at any point delivered, and this is one of them, in phenomenal generally condition (numerous dials have been restored before). A bigger re-release was as of late dispatched – we covered it here – however you know us, we would much somewhat go for the 35 mm original.

The vendor Analog/Shift is offering this early Geophysic (cost on request) here .

An Angelus Chronograph – A Great Looking Reverse Panda

No denying it, (invert) panda dials consistently look very great, subsequently the steady expansion in their costs. This engaging look is the reason I picked this Angelus, in spite of not thinking a lot about it. From what I can see from past postings here and here , and the wrist shot you see over, the case is by all accounts genuinely enormous, remaining at 37.5 mm in distance across. As it very well may be normal from numerous three-register chronographs of now is the ideal time, it sports the workhorse Valjoux 72, reliable with Angelus’ takeoff from their renowned in-house developments during the 1960s, before its insolvency during the 1970s. I don’t think the hardened steel wristband is unique to the watch, yet it looks extraordinary on it nonetheless.

A gatherer is offering this atypical Angelus here .

A Universal Geneve Tri-Compax Reference 222100-2 – A Gorgeous Watch With A Problematic Past

We really canvassed this watch in BAL one month prior ; at the time this Tri-Compax brought $14,000 on eBay here . Oddly, the specific posting is back, from a similar vender, with precisely the same content, pictures notwithstanding. While incidents occur during a deal, it is abnormal that the vender doesn’t make reference to anything in the current posting. As we had recently settled, the dial of this Tri-Compax is right, notwithstanding its too-enormous sub registers, and the brushed completing looks as striking as in the past. The case is truly extraordinary with all around articulated lugs; the solitary minor point is the missing lume on the hour hand. On par with all that looks, I am truly dubious of this re-posting, so I would contact the merchant to comprehend his rationale, and likely request extra pictures, just to be on the safe side.

You can discover the more up to date eBay posting for this UG here ; at the hour of distributing, offering had quite recently reached $5,000.

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