Bring a Loupe: A Universal Genève 'Nina Rindt' And A Selection Of Other Chronographs Available On Ebay

Bring a Loupe: A Universal Genève 'Nina Rindt' And A Selection Of Other Chronographs Available On Ebay

General Genève Compax Reference 885103/02, The 'Nina Rindt'

The Universal Genève Compax “Nina Rindt” got its moniker from being worn by F1 champion Jochen Rindt’s better half at the Formula 1 races  that she joined in. This highly contrasting Compax turned into a top choice among vintage gatherers, and the cost for a decent one has thusly risen. The applied “U” logo shows that what we have here is a prior “Nina Rindt”, while the latere models would display a painted logo.

The Valjoux 72 chronograph development of this watch is portrayed as running appropriately, yet the past help history is obscure, as it for the most part the case with vintage pieces. The hands are depicted as unique, and the 36mm case actually bears the first “Dab Over-Ninety” bezel. From the posting’s photographs, it appears to be that the plexiglass gem was supplanted, as it doesn’t appear to bear the trademark UG logo. Note that the piece was recently recorded on Ebay at a Buy-It-Now of $21,999, and now returns under an offering format.

This Universal Genève Compax “Nina Rindt” is as of now offered on Ebay with offering coming to $9,100, two days before the finish of the auction. 

General Genève Space-Compax Reference 885104/01 With Incorrect Pushers

The Space-Compax likewise depends on the Valjoux 72 chronograph development yet shows a lot bolder look than the Nina Rindt, beginning with the red textual style on its dial, and its red chronograph hand. It initially came mounted on an arm band, more Jubilee-looking than the current one. Although this arm band is marked Universal Genève, it is unique in relation to the one found in the first documentation and has all the earmarks of being a later example. 

The pictures in the posting lamentably don’t show the dial quite well, anyway there is by all accounts some maturing to the sub-dials, and the lume specks are difficult to spot. The contention than the steel pushers are unique will be questioned (if not promptly discredited) as the Space-Compax is known to have had elastic pushers in the two its first and second form. So we may likewise expect that the other model appeared in the posting (taken from the 1994 committed Antiquorum closeout) was similarly erroneous. Ultimately, the accompanying box and papers are UG-marked yet it is fascinating to check whether the chronic number of the watch can be found on the assurance, as the papers seem, by all accounts, to be from later arrangement creation than the watch (and are just as in two distinct dialects) making us suspicious this is a genuine full set.

You can locate this Universal Genève Space-Compax on Ebay at a Buy-It-Now cost of $14,900, although the depiction “gatherer’s or a financial backer’s fantasy bundle” may be somewhat overstated.

Yema Yachtingraf Croisière, Also With Incorrect Pushers

This Yema Yachtingraf Croisière imparts a common highlight the Space Compax over: its chronograph pushers are additionally erroneous, as unmistakably expressed in the Ebay posting. Something else, the Croisière  (Cruise in French) is prominent for being the solitary Yema Yachtingraf with three sub-registers, on account of the Valjoux 72 development for the previous variant (which has a white sub-register for the running seconds ), and the Valjoux 7736 for the later one.

The present watch shows the subsequent execution case, with its trademark more slender lugs and aluminum bezel, and the chronic number engraved on the caseback matches the realized creation groups. The manual-injury chronograph development is portrayed as working appropriately notwithstanding the conspicuous substitution pushers. The vivid regatta counter doesn’t show extreme maturing, as is additionally the situation for the special looking hour sub-register with its red-get to demonstrate any term more than 12 successive hours, regarding the Croisière name of this model (after each of the a voyage endures longer than a regatta). 

This Yema Yachtingraf Croisière is offered at a Buy-It-Now of $7,995; lower offers are additionally considered. 

Yema Yachtingraf 'Jumbo' With Oversized Regatta Countdown

This later Yema Yachtingraf is frequently nicknamed the “Kind sized” after its larger than usual case that considerably developed from the 38-39mm of its archetype to arrive at near 43mm in the model here, with its unmistakable C-molded regatta commencement subdial. It is likewise recognizable by the blue boat printed over the patent forthcoming notice, while prior models got a white boat. Several diverse Yema marks were utilized during creation, the current one being quite possibly the most common.

A enormous element of this Yachtingraf comes from its special commencement counter, gotten through a change of the common Valjoux 7733, presently indicated 7733S (you can locate a live commencement on this French gathering ). The watch is portrayed as working impeccably, and comes with what the merchant says is its unique lash in NOS condition. 

This Yema Yachtingraf “Enormous” is promoted on Ebay France, with current offering simply above $5,000. 

Basmich Precision Chronograph With Yachting Sub-Register

While Basmich doesn’t have a similar brand acknowledgment as Yema, this chronograph shares the regatta topic, on account of the 5-minute areas of its moment sub-register. It additionally shows a case-shape run of the mill of the 1970s, with an intriguing 12-hour bezel, and depends on the workhorse chronograph type Valjoux 7730.

Very few different models have been discovered, expecting this model is of a similar creation as the one recorded here , while another  (if not the equivalent) was likewise sold back in 2015. The tempered steel wristband is unsigned, and is likely not unique, although it looks incredible with this regatta chrono. The dial is all around saved; its products scales remain obviously intelligible. The distinctive patina of the lume may potentially show a relume of the handset at some point.

This Basmich Precision chronograph is as of now on Ebay, with offering simply above $500 and two additional days to go.