Bring a Loupe: A Very Rare Breitling 765 AVI 'Digital,' A Tiffany-Signed Audemars Piguet Pocket Watch, A Nice Universal Genève Compax, And More

Bring a Loupe: A Very Rare Breitling 765 AVI 'Digital,' A Tiffany-Signed Audemars Piguet Pocket Watch, A Nice Universal Genève Compax, And More

Widespread Geneve Compax Ref. 22704/1, With Caliber Valjoux 72

This Compax reminds us why we love Universal Genève chronographs: the extents and decipherability are simply great, in the event that I may say as much. The reference 22704/1 is a later form, from the 1960s; in that capacity, it doesn’t come with an in-house development. Be that as it may, you actually get the all around regarded Valjoux 72, which Universal Genève rebadged as the type 130. It has a 38mm case, with an even silver dial, and the trademark combination of sharp dauphine hands, with blued little hands in the sub-registers. 

But the genuine motivation to zero in on this posting is identified with the truly sweet state of this UG. The case looks incredibly fresh, with sharp drags and obviously unpolished caseback. The actual dial doesn’t show any blemishes, and all the small lume plots are represented. The vender likewise shows that the chronograph complication functions admirably, so there isn’t a lot to detest about this chrono (heck, even the crown is signed). 

This Universal Geneve Compax  is right now recorded on Ebay with offering simply above $5,000.

Breitling AVI Reference 765, With Digital Minutes Counter

Generally talking, the primary cycle of any vintage model is consistently the most pined for, in any event on the off chance that you leave aside things like fantastic provenance, or uncommon arrangements like a twofold marked dial. On account of the Breitling 765 AVI, I figure this doesn’t exclusively clarify why this watch is the sacred goal for any Breitling gatherer (and you can include me in on that). To be sure, this watch demonstrates indeed that Breitling was not kidding around with regards to chronographs: it basically resembles no other, in a generally excellent way. What you may accept to be a “customary” date opening at 3 o’clock is really a sign of the slipped by minutes of the chronograph. This impossible to miss show bodes well, since this AVI was especially intended to time the 15-minute pre-flight check of a plane, where consistently counts.

Though the 765 AVI is a contemporary-looking piece, this watch was really delivered in 1953, in front of its competitor the Breguet Type 20, which includes a genuinely comparable chronograph seconds hand. Here, we really get the absolute first emphasis of the 765 AVI, as you can guess by the shortfall of the “Genève” line under the Breitling name. The chronograph sign is acquired from adjusting a standard Venus 178, something Breitling was not timid about doing. The case and dial are in genuinely stupendous condition themselves; even the smooth bezel doesn’t show numerous indications of aging.

Matthew Bain just presented this  Breitling AVI 765 with a selling cost of $25,000.

Omega Reference 2777-1, Originally Made For The British Army

There’s no mixing up the military underlying foundations of this Omega; from the wide bolt on the dial, to the etchings on the caseback, all the telltales are there. The Omega reference 2777 was surely designed for the British Royal Air Force after World War II, with 5,900 pieces conveyed from 1953 onwards. In this manner, its lume was initially radium, which was in the long run supplanted by the RAF with the less destructive tritium (consequently the surrounded T on the dial). As you would expect for a military watch, the 37mm case comes with fixed hauls, and its twofold caseback offers assurance against magnetism (as does the thicker dial).

The inscriptions on the caseback are very valuable, and not just confirm the military provenance; they truly recount the tale of each watch. For this particular model, we can see that it was number 790 of the 1953 conveyance, while the long “6645 101000” shows the NATO stock number for that kind of watch. “6B/542” marks the assistance number inside the RAF Service Management. Inside, the manual injury type 283 is said to have been as of late serviced, and one can expect magnificent time-keeping, as it is essential for the renowned Omega 30mm group of hand-wound movements. 

You can locate this military Omega reference 2777-1 offered by the seller Cars and Watches for 3,350 Euros (or around $3,600)

Excelsior Park Monte-Carlo, With White Dial

The Monte Carlo from Excelsior Park imparts a great deal of configuration prompts to the Zenith Cairelli, and given that it was created later , it is reasonable for surmise that the Monte Carlo may have been roused by the Cairelli straightforwardly. However, it comes with a recognizable distinction: a date window somewhere in the range of 4 and 5 o’clock, graciousness of its chronograph type Valjoux 7740. This is basically a changed type 12 , which exchanges programmed twisting for a 12-hour sub-counter. In any case, there is something else exceptionally particular about the Monte Carlo; it can come with a white dial, and for this situation, it sports an alternate bezel (the dabs don’t stop at the 20-minute imprint on the black variant ). 

The instance of the Monte Carlo is unmistakably enormous at 43mm, in accordance with the elements of the Zenith Cairelli. The short hauls are the key element, they truly make the watch work on the wrist. Strangely, this watch comes with a business receipt which archives a deal in 1990, albeit the watch was likely purchased second-hand. The hypothesis is that these Excelsior Park Monte Carlos were created during the 1980s, after the assembling of their own developments stopped in 1983. In conclusion, the caseback presents the right etchings, while the watch comes with an Oyster wristband, with Breitling-marked clasp.

This Excelsior Park Monte Carlo can be found on Ebay with offering approaching $1,000.

Audemars Piguet Ultra-Thin Pocket Watch, With Tiffany-Signed Dial

Thinness was perhaps the greatest test looked by pocket watch makers – a slender watch was viewed as attractive in order to not destroy the lines of a suit. This makes this Audemars Piguet a significant accomplishment; it was made in 1959, at a time where Piaget was a genuine competitor with its 9P type (utilized in pocket and wrist-watches). The dial shows the desired Tiffany & Co provenance, and accordingly the development displays the AYP import code as it ought to for any AP watch sold in the US at the time. 

The state of the case and dial is predictable with a watch that spent the 40 a years ago in a safe. For sure, there are no recognizable maturing blemishes on the dial by any stretch of the imagination, and the 46mm yellow gold case shows just light oxidation that could be effortlessly cleaned out (however I would not recommend it). As you would expect, the completing of the development is totally shocking, in spite of the fact that it is depicted as needing a help. My #1 element actually stays the rich plan of the bow to which you would append the chain interfacing the watch to your jacket – a token of a former era.

The continues of this Audemars Piguet pocket watch will go to the Horological Society of New-York (of which Hodinkee is a support); offering on the Heritage Auction site were at $1,200 at the hour of publishing.