Bring a Loupe: Beautiful Vintage Chronographs From Mido, Gallet, Heuer, And More Found On EBay

A Mido Multi-Centerchrono – A Chronograph In Disguise

“Here is the lone chronograph that resembles an attractive watch.” The first advertising tagline for this Mido was sharp but on point. The chronograph function is in fact centralized, rather than showed through the standard sub-registers. Therefore, the thin steel hand tracks the second, while the red one records the slipped by minutes, with the relevant tracks on the outside of the dial. What’s more, the result is striking: this Mido accomplishes an unbelievable legibility for its 35 mm diameter. You might have likewise perceived the sunburst engraved pushers from Patek’s first waterproof chronograph (the reference 1463); and to be sure, both cases come from the equivalent casemaker, François Borgel. Inside the Multi-Centerchrono is the extremely interesting caliber 1300, in light of the illustrious Valjoux VZ, which was additionally adopted by Patek and Audemars Piguet, among others.

A German seller is offering this irregular chronograph here (cost on request).

A Gallet MultiChron Navigator – A Chronograph With A GMT-Hand

There is a lot to adore about Gallet’s chronograph, and much more about the MultiChron Navigator GMT, a true tool watch from the 1940s. The watch isn’t a “straightforward” chronograph, as it likewise features a 24-hour GMT hand, similar as the one you will locate exactly 10 years later on the Rolex GMT-Master. Interestingly, the red hand can likewise be utilized as a compass during daylight: you point the ordinary hour hand to the sun, and the red hand functions as a compass, pointing north. Furthermore, the second hand can be hacked (which means stopped), which permitted military individual to synchronize all the more exactly preceding a mission. Regardless of technical details, the watch looks executioner with a beautiful dial, pleasant patina of the lume, and an all around saved 35.5 mm case. In short, this is a truly interesting watch, lodging an altered movement from Excelsior Park, an eminent creator for chronograph types at the time.

This fantastic Gallet is offered on eBay here ; at the time of distributing offering was still beneath $3,000.

A Heuer Autavia Reference 3646H, With Transitional Configuration

Unsurprisingly, an early model recently won the Autavia Cup that we had covered here ; it affirmed the adoration for this chronograph line, even outside of the circle of bad-to-the-bone Heuer collectors. The triumphant watch, found here , was actually a reference 2446 Mark 3, looking fundamentally the same as the vintage Autavia above, on the off chance that it were not for its three-register layout. The reference 3646 was to be sure a contemporary of the 2446, without the lower hour counter. What’s more, the model here offers the dearest bezel tracking the hours, just as a typical Mark 3 dial with bigger lists. It still comes with a screw-back case with sloped hauls but it retained the previous bigger bezel. Its chronic number actually affirms the transitional status depicted in a thorough article here . Note that the merchant unveils that the hands have been re-lumed to match the dial’s patina, and the second hand repainted. On the in addition to side, the Valjoux 92 movement was recently overhauled and comes with a one-year warranty.

You can discover this Autavia on the dedicated marketplace ChronoTrader here , and the vender is taking proposals above $8,000 until Sunday.

An Enicar Aqua Graph With A Rare And Attractive Blue Dial

I had been following this Enicar, progressively offered on Instagram and on discussions , so I was pretty excited to see it at last show up on eBay. This isn’t the first Aqua Graph we’ve taken a gander at in Bring A Loupe, so its cool look needn’t bother with much explanation. That said, this one offers an extremely enticing blue dial that pleasantly contrasts with the orange hands. As per the merchant, this dial was offered in the later form of the Aqua Graph, dating this one to the late 1960s. This is affirmed by the situation back, likewise indicating Piquerez as the manufacturer for this compressor case

– as it should.

You can locate this blue Aqua Graph listed on eBay here ; at the time of distributing offering was just above $3,000.

A Yema 'Daytona' With Valjoux 7730

The French company Yema is all the more notable for its Yachtingraf and Rallye/Rallygraf, but this 38 mm chrono merits some recognition too. The”Daytona” moniker – a bit ambitious, but likewise a commonly utilized one for this watch – depended on the thin grounds that, all things considered, this chronograph had a dark bezel and contrasting sub-registers on the dial. Quit worrying about that the dial just featured two registers, and that the handset and bezel were noticeably different in style, my French compatriots were feeling liberal and the name remained. The Yema “Daytona” line was dispatched during the 1960s, initially with a Valjoux 92, and two years later with the type Valjoux 7730, as the model here listed with a tropic strap, and coming with a replacement crown.

You can locate this French chronograph listed on eBay here with offers still underneath $800.

(Almost) Notable Sale Of Past Week: An Oversized Universal Geneve Compax Reference 22430 That Put EBay On Fire

It all started as an exceptionally exciting listing that nobody truly missed. Within the first hours the offers had ascended from the initial $19.99 cost to more than $17,000! It would have been truly interesting to see where it would have finished; unfortunately the listing was pulled yesterday. Fortunately this larger than usual Universal Geneve – think a giant 46 mm diameter, an insane measurement for the 1940s – was not bought in the background, but will probably be featured later in a standard auction. So we will be on the lookout, and report the last selling cost. The dial isn’t perfect, and the hands have lost their lume, but you’ve got to cherish the sheer size of this Compax reference 22430, and its characteristic lume dots close to the numerals.

You can discover the connect to the first listing here , and you will presumably see this attractive chronograph springing up at an auction soon.


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