Bring a Loupe: Some Quick Thoughts On The Collectibilty of (Special) F.P. Journe Watches, As Demonstrated By Last Week's Auction Results

Bring a Loupe: Some Quick Thoughts On The Collectibilty of (Special) F.P. Journe Watches, As Demonstrated By Last Week's Auction Results

A Unique Tourbillon Souverain Sells For 650,000 CHF

The first watch we will analyze sold Tuesday night in a charity closeout benefiting Action Innocence . This specific model is a Tourbillon Souverain made with a unique purple dial. The offering was savage between well known gatherers Claude Sfeir and Robert Manoukian. Sfeir wound up winning the watch at 350,000 CHF. Mr. Manoukian, seeing this was in fact for charity, effortlessly gave his last offer – 300,000 CHF – to the cost of the watch as 100% of it was gone to Action Innocence. That brings the complete cost for this unique F.P. Journe tourbillon up to 650,000 CHF. The Journe Tourbillon Souveraine retails for around $150,000. That very evening, a fills Elegant, likewise a unique piece, acquired 55,000 CHF – multiple times its retail price.

A Tokyo Edition Chronometre Souverain Sells For 52,500 CHF

The Chronometre Souverain (or CS) is one of Journe’s most mainstream models – it is basic, unadulterated, rich, and pretty much awesome. This year we saw the presentation of these watches with strong gold dials , which has just expanded interest in this phenomenal piece. In addition to the fact that we saw one of these new gold-dial CSs sell for retail cost at closeout (which is crazy – one could simply walk into the boutique and get one new!), yet we additionally saw a restricted release Tokyo CS go for insane cash! Indeed, at Phillips, the Tokyo CS pulled down 52,500 CHF , a solid cost by any guidelines. Just 20 of these pieces were made, and they are quite collectible, however I would say market would fix the estimation of one of these around 35-40 CHF. Maybe this public deal will change all that.

Chronometre A Resonance Limited Edition For Pisa Sells For 106,250 CHF

This one was maybe the most astounding consequence of the closeout season. The Chronometre à Resonance is maybe Journe’s most cherished model – it’s something that just nobody else does. What’s more, Christie’s had available to be purchased quite possibly the most outwardly shocking, and least well known, examples of the Resonance at this point. This restricted release of five pieces, with dark dial and dark sub-dials, was made for amazing Milano seller Pisa Orologeria and it is, supposedly, the clench hand example to surface since new. While the retail cost of a new Resonance is during the 80s, used pieces might be purchased in the high 40s through low 60s relying upon age and setup. This Pisa Resonance, however, cut down 106,250 CHF! Or then again all in all, more than $114,000! I can just accept this is a record for a Resonance at sell off, and keeping in mind that this watch is totally delightful, I don’t think anybody expected an outcome quite so solid for this piece. The connect to the part is accessible here .

Hell, Even Some F.P. Journe Pens Went A Little Crazy

Did you know that F.P. Journe, in 2009, made a bunch of restricted release pens? They did, and the retail on these was, I’m told, around 11,000 CHF. That is an insane cost for a bunch of pens, however that had no effect to the purchaser of the set at the Phillips deal a week ago, who paid 15,000 CHF for them. A really unimaginable outcome , for certain.

So What Should You Be Looking For?

Well, I want to repeat what I said up first and foremost – F.P. Journe watches are, as far as I might be concerned, worked for admirers of inventiveness, plan, and smart horology – not theorists. The normal Journe watch, as of now, will not yield you much monetary profit any time soon, however it will in fact present to you a ton of happiness on your wrist. Yet, in the event that you want to fence your wagers a little and attempt to discover something that may be collectible and important down the street, the recipe is straightforward: early, or unusual.

The initial two models that F.P. Journe delivered were his Tourbillon and his Resonance. The two of them are fairly alluring, specifically those with yellow dials and metal developments. We have advised you in the past that Journe utilizes strong rose gold for its types, yet this wasn’t always the situation. Truth be told, his initial watches included metal developments, as shown by the example above. Journe changed from metal to gold around 2004, and keeping in mind that gold is positively a more important material than metal, it is the metal development pieces that command more interest from collectors.

As you saw with the current week’s outcomes, a metal development isn’t the best way to get solid outcomes from a Journe – neither the Tokyo CS, the Pisa Resonance, or the unique Tourbillon were truly early watches, and all element gold developments. In any case, they actually performed well since they were all extraordinarily uncommon. Indeed, two of them had never been seen available to be purchased openly by any means. Journe is additionally one of only a handful few fabricates out there that will do a periodic customer request uncommon request, and you’ll see a few excellent mother-of-pearl dials, or jade dial tourbillons like we showed you at the Tokyo Boutique visit .

There are additionally some restricted version sets out there that are profoundly pursued, such as the early Ruthenium assortment, which includes a ruthenium-covered dial, yet in addition a ruthenium covered development! Furthermore, these restricted versions of 99 pieces are likewise the lone 40 mm metal development watches around – one can be found in Mr. Toshio Aoyama’s own assortment .

A last idea on these collectible Journes is that there are a few creation models that could undoubtedly be viewed as works of art and collectibles. I talk, obviously, of the inconceivable Sonnerie Souveraine which we included here . There are scarcely any of these delivered each year, there is no uncertainty individuals will search for them for quite a long time to come.

For more on F.P. Journe, click here , and below, I’d love to hear what you believe are the future collectibles from the Journe lineup.