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Bring a Loupe: The Two World-Class Watches From 1942 That Could Sell Cheap At Next Week’s Christie’s Geneva Auction (Relatively Speaking)

1942 Vacheron Constantin Reference 4261 Ultra-Thin Minute Repeater In Pink Gold

The reference 4261 can be viewed as perhaps the best achievement taking all things together of 20th century watchmaking.

I’ll start my supplication for this watch by basically expressing what it is, and that by itself may make a most persuading case: this is a Vacheron super slight, minute-rehashing wristwatch in pink gold with a sector dial from 1942. In this way, a vintage Vacheron repeater, in pink. That assertion alone ought to get all of you energized, however what’s more is that the reference 4261 is quite basically perhaps the most uncommon and delightful watches at any point made, by anybody (in my conviction). We are talking genuine mid-century watchmaking, in the actual prime of Vacheron’s formative years, complete with the shocking tear carries, and a large(ish) 36 mm case. In pink gold. What’s more, the type? It’s just 5.25 mm thick! What’s more, it would seem that this!

The 13 ligne type found in this watch was utilized in under 33% of all reference 4261’s delivered – around 40 watches in total.

This is the absolute best of customary Swiss watchmaking here, in an uncommon 13 ligne development just utilized in 33% of all 4261’s delivered. What number were created altogether? 40. Indeed. 40. Which implies this bigger distance across watch would one say one is of perhaps 13 at any point made? You’re starting to perceive any reason why this watch is so exceptional, I trust. Further, the most common case material for this early rehashing wristwatch was obviously yellow gold, so it’s reasonable for expect there are just a modest bunch of these out there in pink gold. With an area dial this way? One or two.

The super thin, 1940s Vacheron minute repeater has a gauge of 120,000 to 220,000 CHF.

The last thing I’ll say about this astonishing Vacheron is that its gauge is 120,000 to 220,000 CHF. Almost certainly a great deal of cash for any watch, however when you consider that the initial offer on this one of a few super thin, minute-rehashing Vacheron from the 1940s is not exactly the initial cost on any steel Patek 570, or a respectable high-grade Submariner, you start to perceive any reason why this could be a take. On the off chance that it hits the high gauge, it will in any case cost the winning bidder not exactly ANY Patek ceaseless schedule or a steel Oyster Paul Newman, of which there are hundreds.

We saw a vintage Vacheron fly in the Phillips deal in May, and keeping in mind that the state of this watch isn’t the very same (this current watch’s dial may have been cleaned eventually I accept, however it is difficult to say without a doubt – nor is it steel), this watch is totally epic in each and every way and it deserves to pull out all the stops. I guarantee you that vintage Vacheron won’t be this a long ways behind Pateks everlastingly, so best to purchase in now.

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1942 Audemars Piguet Reference 5503 Triple Calendar Chronograph

Reference 5503 was delivered in steel and 14k pink gold.

Ah. Vintage Audemars. How I love you. I have referenced here on the ‘Dink so often how much I love mid-century Audemars Piguet complicated watches. The plans were simply so awesome, and the degree of hand-made-ness is just unrivaled. Each and every watch made by AP as of now was 100% hand tailored, including the dials. So you will see genuine human components on each dial you see from the time frame. Goodness, and the rarity!

Take for example this 1942 reference 5503 triple schedule chronograph. You have a shocking larger than usual 36 mm case, made in hardened steel and 14k pink gold. You have perhaps the most lovely dial arrangements one might actually envision, and genuine 1940s flair.

Reference 5503 was made in only five examples, all in 1942.

Did I notice that reference 5503 was made in only five examples, each with a completely unique dial? So next time somebody discloses to you a 2499 fourth arrangement is uncommon, show them this watch. Now in all actuality, the 5503 is definitely not an unending schedule chronograph like say a 1518 or 2499, however on the other hand, does it much matter? This watch is, as far as I might be concerned, a great deal more intriguing than any essential 1518 or 2499, and more lovely for sure. The most awesome aspect? Christie’s has the gauge here at 80,000 to 140,000 CHF. On the off chance that somebody purchases this watch anywhere in that range, they just tore a bargain.

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