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Bring a Loupe: Two Tri-Compax From Universal Geneve, A Great Longines 30CH, And A Very Rare Rolex

A Chronograph From Longines With The Famous 30CH Movement, Reference 6651

The 30CH from Longines has a place with the little gathering of legendary chronograph developments, alongside its archetype, the 13ZN – the first flyback development created for a wristwatch, harking back to the 1930s. The 30CH was delivered until the mid-1960s, which makes this 1967 chronograph one of the last fabricated. The dial and glowing numerals show the sort of patina that make vintage watches so provocative. While I was unable to discover much information about the 6551 reference, this 36 mm watch was appropriately recorded in Longines archives. It comes with a Longines authentication and a vintage box; the last isn’t really unique however looks dazzling nonetheless.

The Dutch vendor Cosimo is offering this sweet Longines here .

A Universal Geneve Tri-Compax With Panda Dial, Reference 881101/01

This pined for chronograph from Universal Geneve likewise traces all the way back to 1967 however shows a very surprising look. There is something really unique about the Tri-Compax, with an amicable plan regardless of the wealth of information it gives. And all the extraordinary things you ought to anticipate from Universal Geneve are there: curiously molded hands, an excellent 36 mm case with twisted carries, and the in-house development reference 281. Reward point, the watch here comes on a Gay Frères bracelet.

This Tri-Compax is offered available to be purchased at 14,000€ or around $16,000 here (French portrayal here ).

Another Golden Tri-Compax From Universal Geneve

Another excellent example of the Tri-Compax follows, yet with a totally different look. The dauphine hands, the fixed bezel, and the applied lists contrast from the past model and give it a more dressy feel – which goes so well with the 18k yellow gold case. The effect is additionally upgraded by the yellow sub-dials, particularly the larger than average one on the lower part. Note that this very setup was highlighted in the reference book Chronograph wristwatches from Paul White.

Tempus is offering this gold UG for 20,000€ or around $23,000 here .

A Good Looking Zenith, Reference A271

Among the numerous chronographs showed on Christie’s Watch Shop I may really like this Zenith, likewise from the 1960s. The brand is plainly not as hot as Heuer or UG on the vintage market, yet this chronograph has some solid contentions. Above all else this is the most uncommon dial arrangement for this reference: a dim dark foundation with light dim sub-dials. The 37 mm case is fascinating as well, coming at a major size for a bi-compax chronograph at that point and lodging the Martel development 146-DP. The drags have a few marks and scratches – nothing sensational on a 50-year-old watch. All the more critically, the crown and second hand are right here.

Christie’s is offering this Zenith for $4,500 here .

A Chronometre Royal From Vacheron Constantin, Reference 4907

After every one of these chronographs the main “ordinary” watch must be a solid one. Furthermore, this Chronometre Royal is certainly worthy of its name, with the luxurious 1008BS development, ostensibly one of the most pleasant manual wound focal second developments. While different references from the 1950s include faceted carries, the straight drags here truly give an unbelievable presence to the 35 mm rose-gold case. At that point comes the terrible news: the crown is inaccurate and unusually shifted, notwithstanding the new help referenced. Furthermore, part of the moment track on the dial is faded.

You can locate this powerful Chronometre Royal for $8,500 or less on eBay here .

A Very Rare Rolex, The Cellini Reference 3612

Rarity is obviously a relative idea, however given the sheer size of Rolex creation a reference with just 10 examples at any point fabricated ought to – without question – be qualified as very uncommon. This was the motivation behind why very nearly five years prior, we needed to enlighten you regarding the Rolex Cellini reference 3612 . This exceptionally restricted version was made in 1971 to commemorate the 150th commemoration of the Treaty of Cordoba, which denoted the freedom of Mexico from Spain – consequently the “Libertad – Independencia” etching around the 50 peso gold coin that serves here as a case for the covered little watch.

This incredibly unordinary Rolex Cellini will be offered at sell off on October 31st; the appraisals range between $25,000 and $40,000 and you can discover the posting here .

A Dressy Rolex With Integrated Bracelet, Reference 9083

This Rolex Precision comes from the customary creation of the 1950s yet finding the honeycomb dial safeguarded from “restorative upgrades” – repulsive redials at the end of the day – always ends up being a challenge. The reference 9083 two or three fascinating plan tweaks, the first being the uncommon coordinated wristband – still the Oyster model. Its case back is likewise expected to enhance a prolonged crown and the chronic number; their quality is an incredible confirmation against previous inordinate cleaning. At long last, the manual winding allows a thin profile for its 36 mm case.

You can locate this fascinating Rolex – flaunting the cool UFO moniker – for under $600 on eBay here .

A Very Funky Wittnauer Electro-Chron

At first look, the bizarre moment and hour hands stand apart right away. In the event that you additionally think about the thunderclap on the dial, there is no rejecting that Wittnauer pushed the lightning idea much farther than Rolex could possibly do with the Milgauss. Furthermore, its development, the Landeron 450, is exceptionally uncommon as well: despite the fact that it is powered by a battery it is not the slightest bit a quartz development as it includes a managing balance. There is an extraordinary technical guide about that intriguing development here .

This out of control cyborg watch is offered for $495 here .