Bring a Loupe: Two Universal Genève Compax Reference 22410, A Rolex 'Double Red' Sea-Dweller Reference 1665, A Heuer Autavia 'Big Subs' Reference 2446, And More

Bring a Loupe: Two Universal Genève Compax Reference 22410, A Rolex 'Double Red' Sea-Dweller Reference 1665, A Heuer Autavia 'Big Subs' Reference 2446, And More

Rolex Sea-Dweller Reference 1665

The “Twofold Red” epithet of the early Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665 clearly comes from the two red lines on its dial, while the later form would be known as the “Incomparable White” for a similar explanation. The Sea-Dweller was at first dispatched in 1967 with more noteworthy water opposition than the Rolex Submariner, and thus it highlighted a helium get away from valve on its left side, to forestall conceivable harm to the watch in the decompression chamber after immersion jumping. The actual dial underlines the association with the Sub, perusing “Submariner 2000” to underscore the increment in water opposition from 660 ft. to 2,000 ft.

As it regularly occurs with vintage Rolex, a few adaptations of “Twofold Red” dials have been recognized up to 1977, when the “Incomparable White” design dominated. In this grouping, the dial here is a Mark 4, which is predictable with its 3.1M chronic number, giving a creation year of 1972. The dial is in extraordinary condition (“100% immaculate” are the vender’s words), with a yellow patina coordinating the handset (note there a little break in the lume of great importance hand). The case shows the normal scrapes yet was saved exorbitant cleaning, which is uncommon on account of a genuine instrument watch designed to be utilized and mishandled. In conclusion, the dealer noticed that the last three digits of the chronic number are engraved inside the caseback, as you ought to expect for any “Twofold Red” Sea-Dweller, except if the full chronic number is stepped there. 

You can locate this sweet Rolex Sea-Dweller reference 1665  priced at $33,000.

Widespread Genève Compax Reference 22410-6

The reference 22410 is among the top picks of Universal Genève gatherers for its curiously large 38mm case. It has what is now and then called a “Spillmann” case; the casemaker C. R. Spillmann SA is without a doubt prestigious for its waterproof cases for chronograph creators like UG and Doxa yet in addition for Rolex , where its name is contracted C.R.S. in the Oyster cases. Thusly, this Universal Genève shows all the characteristics of the Spillmann plan for waterproof chronographs, from the huge bezel to the precise lugs and the screw-down caseback.

As a genuine Universal Genève, this Compax pleasantly combines its down to earth capacities for certain dressy credits, like the rose gold handset and records. Furthermore, as usual, the neatness is excellent, with huge sub-enlists and blued hands to peruse the chronograph, controlled by the type 285. Both the dial and case are amazingly fresh for a watch made in 1941, and the profound inscriptions on the caseback affirm that the case stays unpolished. The dealer demonstrates that the watch comes with an Extract from Universal Genève Archives.

The seller Iconeek is asking CHF 8,800 (or around $8,825) for this mint  Universal Genève Compax .

Heuer Autavia Reference 2446, With Second Execution Handset And 'Big Subs'

Just three weeks after the record-breaking Autavia 2446 that sold for $200,000 , another model is currently hitting the market. It has a similar dial arrangement, the principal execution called the “Huge Subs” (huge sub-dials) for its curiously large chronograph counters. However, we realize it was made later, as it has a later handset, the early full lume hands being supplanted constantly execution dauphine hands . Like any 2446, the chronograph is fueled by the trusty Valjoux 72, and has a screw-down caseback. 

The model here has a place with an accomplished gatherer who was one of the first to contribute with pictures to OnTheDash back in 2002, which at last prompted a great library of known early Autavias . The instance of this 2446 is exceptionally sharp – likely unpolished, according to the enormous inclines on the lugs. The matured dial nearly seems to have a fumé finish on the enormous sub-registers, while the lume on the hands has an extremely enchanting patina additionally found on the hands, which are portrayed as unique. The tie is likely not the first (one can generally dream…) but rather the clasp is totally period correct.

The most elevated offer for this early Heuer Autavia 2446 was declared at $55,000 with offers acknowledged until this evening, 5 PM Eastern Time.

Eminent Sale Of The Past Week: Universal Genève Compax With Prototype Dial Bringing More Than $50,000

This is the second reference 22410 highlighted today, and has quite possibly the most striking dials you will at any point see. This modern dial has additionally showed up on references 12251 and 12392. There is some discussion with regards to whether the dial can be found on more instrument watch cases, similar to the 38mm waterproof 22410, yet it is presently acknowledged that two variants of this dial exist. Nonetheless, it was immediately gobbled up when the vendor MentaWatches offered it available to be purchased at around $50,000.

The entire Compax thing got truly intriguing when individuals from the Omega Forum , a couple of hours after the fact, spotted  another of those dials available to be purchased at “just” $2,500 . Obviously, it was gone like a flash, and one can possibly ponder when and where it will resurface.