Dispatches: A Very Special Autavia Goes Back To Where It Was Born 55 Years Ago

Dispatches: A Very Special Autavia Goes Back To Where It Was Born 55 Years Ago

Is there such thing as an ideal vintage condition? Maybe.

While we covered its underlying prominent deal, we additionally tried to follow the watch, in the end associating with its new proprietor in California. He disclosed to us that he was a firm devotee to the old mantra “condition, condition, condition” for gathering vintage watches, and that this Autavia couldn’t possess all the necessary qualities any better. This is the reason he quietly held up years to buy the “right” first execution 2446.

While the watch might have wound up sitting in a safe for quite a long time, the new proprietor chose to give it the contrary life, taking it with him to a vital spot: back to Switzerland, where the watch was made back in 1962. All the more explicitly, he carried it to the base camp of TAG Heuer in La Chaux-de-Fonds (note that at the time the Autavia was made, Heuer’s creation offices were situated in Biel ).¬†

The Valjoux 72 type under the assessment of a TAG Heuer watchmaker.

There, the watch was opened and evaluated by the in-house rebuilding division, and one insane certainty arose: the development had never been overhauled. Never. It hadn’t be contacted in over 50 years, validating the premonitions of the new vender, as guessed in the posting. While we realized that the dial was quite great, both the proprietor and TAG Heuer’s watchmakers were amazed to perceive how very much safeguarded the watch genuinely was, inside and out.

A twofold Autavia wristshot with the new and vintage models.

Any visit to the TAG Heuer rebuilding office comes with a glance at the noteworthy load of vintage parts they have close by, something we got an opportunity to see during the Heuer Collector Summit a year ago (not that this Autavia needed anything). It was a bustling day for the gatherer and his watch, since a visit to the Heuer Museum followed. Here, the Autavia met a significant number of its kin, cousins, and broadened family members, some even engraved with the names of the Formula 1 drivers that wore them during races many years prior; numerous Ferrari drivers specifically  received such pieces during the 1970s.

The presence of this vintage Autavia likewise took into consideration an intriguing comparison with the cutting edge re-issue of the Autavia (albeit that the last was motivated by a later execution of the ref. 2446). The thickness and measurement have clearly expanded (a ton), yet the converse panda dial stays the focal element of this chronograph, and the dark pivoting bezel is comparably striking. Taking a gander at both, there is some evident progression in the plan of these Autavias, isolated by the better piece of a century.

A wristshot of this brilliant Autavia.

The growing assortment at the Museum and the bustling rebuilding office underline the consideration that TAG Heuer pays to its legacy. It shows that this commitment goes a long ways past item dispatches, profiting to the whole community of gatherers worldwide.

You can look at our initial gander at the model of the new Autavia and learn more by visiting TAG Heuer on the web .