Dispatches: A Visit To JS Watch Company In Reykjavik, Iceland

Dispatches: A Visit To JS Watch Company In Reykjavik, Iceland

Gilbert O. Guðjónsson, inside the boutique.

Ben Stiller has visited JS Watch Company.

Tobey Maguire has additionally visited.

In truth, one of the dividers at JS Watch Company, a little shop in midtown Reykjavik, is totally covered with photographs of superstar customers – Tom Cruise, Quentin Tarantino, and Jude Law are additionally there, among others. Normally, it’s what most customers need to discuss. “He was in Iceland?” they inquire. “You met him?” and “Was he pleasant?” are additionally common inquiries Gilbert answers a few times each day.

And he’s glad to engage these requests. “Now and again it’s difficult to work there,” says Gilbert’s child, Sigurður Björn Gilbertsson. He likes to work as it were, the place where he and the company’s originator Grimkell Petur Sigurthorsson have set up an office inside a parka shop run by their spouses. “My dad likes getting up to talk with any individual who goes through the store, yet I like to work here,” he says decidedly – from behind his workbench. In spite of the fact that he chips away at the watches and has prepared as a watchmaker, Icelandic law keeps him from considering himself that presently – the expression “watchmaker” is ensured by law and Gilbertsson is right now actually planning for his exam.

Gilbert’s child, Sigurður Björn Gilbertsson at his bench.

Most of individuals Gilbert meets have ventured out to Iceland for experience, and he has a method of taking them on one, inasmuch as they have the opportunity to hear him out.

“I made a few watches like this for players of our public group,” he says, highlighting an image of the EURO MMXVI, an exceptional version made for the country’s football players after their capability to Euro 2016 in Paris, France. Did the watches help them on their memorable run; did it give them the lift expected to agitate England in the Quarter-Finals, I ask facetiously. “Obviously!” he thunders – and afterward his face mollifies into a grin.

Gilbert O. Guðjónsson sitting behind his workbench.

Gilbert set up his own image in 2005, having discovered little happiness selling and fixing watches made by others. It was one of his clients – an authority who had left a few pieces in Gilbert’s consideration – who supported him, causing him money the acquisition of some gear.

All of the watches are planned and amassed by hand, in spite of the fact that Gilbert is the first to say that the entirety of the parts come from providers in one or the other Germany or Switzerland. This incorporates the cases, developments, and dials, right down to the lashes. The company utilizes Top Grade executions of Soprod minutes, changed in five situations, to a most extreme rate deviation of +4/ – 4 seconds for each day.

Most of the watches cost somewhere in the range of $2,200 and $3,500, except for the company’s chronograph and uncommon versions, for example, the Anniversary watch – that one is €10,950 (around $11,600 at season of distributing) – or the Frisland Goð, a watch with a dial made with volcanic debris gathered from Iceland’s most notorious spring of gushing lava, Eyjafjallajökull . With an engraved case, that model is the most costly in the assortment, and retails for €15,170 (roughly $16,200 at season of distributing).

The SIF North Atlantic Rescue Timer (N.A.R.T.) 1948 on the wrist, a 40mm steel watch offered with a few dial options.

Gilbert’s customer base is for the most part worldwide, yet of course, so is the number of inhabitants in Iceland. By and large, five vacationers on the island for each Icelander, and since they’re qualified for VAT discounts on a few items when leaving – including Gilbert’s watches – these are significantly more appealing.

There is no assumption in Gilbert’s voice when he discusses his watches, just certifiable fervor. He’s in it to have a great time, and simply needs individuals to take a piece of Iceland back with them. He’ll never compete with any semblance of Patek Philippe or A. Lange & Söhne, however he jumps at the chance to call attention to the German assembling and his little company are two of just three watchmakers referenced in Raw Bible, a foot stool book (and site) that centers around things made in little quantities.

Still, these are all around planned and reasonably estimated watches. The most well known watch in the assortment, the Sif N.A.R.T. 1948, is fueled by a Soprod M100 Date programmed development, includes an Incabloc stun security framework, and is acclimated to five positions. The watch is water impervious to a profundity of 1,000 meters.

The Sif N.A.R.T. 1948.

Presented in a 40mm brushed hardened steel case, it was made out of appreciation for the Icelandic Coast Guard and their part in the unarmed “Cod Wars” against British fishing vessels which occurred from 1948 to 1975. “The lone war Iceland has really pursued against an unfamiliar force, and it finished in no losses and a full Icelandic triumph,” notes Gilbert.

The Islandus 1919, the assortment’s 44 mm pilot watch.

Like their creator, the watches frequently have stories to tell. Take the Islandus 1919, for example, the company’s 44mm pilot’s watch. You will not discover any plane parts inside, yet the date is a gesture to the country’s first historically speaking aviation expo, held in 1919. It was in reality only one airplane, flown by a pilot recruited only for the event and who remained on the island for three weeks in the wake of showing up by means of ship.

The Sif N.A.R.T. 1948 (once more), this time with Green Super-LumiNova material on a dark dial.

Then there’s the dark dial SIF N.A.R.T. 1948 and its brilliant green SuperLuminova files. Gilbert jokes that these are Iceland’s just assurance of seeing green lights around evening time, an undeniable reference to the Aurora Borealis for which numerous explorers come to the island.

The Islandus 45 Years Anniversary Edition observes Gilbert’s long profession in watchmaking.

A perspective on the rear of the Islandus 45 Years Anniversary Edition.

But the best story is the one told by the Islandus 45 Years Anniversary Edition, which was planned by Gilbert’s child with the assistance of the JS group, to respect his dad’s relentless commitment to his specialty.

For this unique piece, JS went with a custom Unitas development with a three-quarter connect including Geneva stripes, and uncommon inscriptions on the mainplate and swan neck controller, and picked a guilloché dial for the front of the watch. Another first for the group, who expect to widen their contributions in spite of the company’s little size.

During my short stay, Gilbert regularly said I was remaining in “presumably the littlest watch company on the planet,” and keeping in mind that that is probably valid, what rang most genuine to me was that I was addressing the most agreeable, and as his mass of popularity affirms, the most popular watchmaker north of the 65th equal.

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