Eterna KonTiki Gent Dive Watch Hands-On

Eterna KonTiki Gent Dive Watch Hands-On

Eterna , Swiss watch makes since 1856, have lately followed an industry wide pattern by complimenting their advanced assortment with “legacy reissue” pieces, which combine current watchmaking innovation with noteworthy plan ideas. At Baselworld 2017, Eterna divulged their new KonTiki Manufacture Bronze  in a restricted version just as another, non-restricted hardened steel KonTiki, which they call the Eterna KonTiki Gent. Eterna show that the two pieces were planned to commemorate the 70th commemoration of Thor Heyerdahl’s 1947 KonTiki endeavor in which he and a couple of buddies set sail on a custom made pontoon from South America to demonstrate the chance of crude individuals participating in overseas relocation. Thor’s noteworthy nautical endeavors aside, aBlogtoWatch went hands on with Eterna’s treated steel KonTiki Gent and discovered the new piece has a ton making it work and puts forth an intriguing defense for the cautious modernization of vintage designs.

All pictures by Ariel Adams

One of the additional striking highlights of the KonTiki Gent is the finished dial. At the point when we previously went active with the KonTiki Manufacture Bronze LE, Ariel noticed the “stone finished” dull dark dial. In view of that, I was satisfied to discover Eterna have conveyed this plan component into their more common KonTiki setup in both the blue and dark dialed adaptations with the other model brandishing a gleaming white dial with differentiating, only occasionally seen dark lumed hour markers and hands. In every one of the three, the hour markers are Eterna’s unique three-sided ish shape, with particularly enormous three-sided records around early afternoon, three, six, and nine o’clock with the twelve o’clock marker finished off with Eterna’s five metal roller signature. Dial text is additionally genuinely repressed, with just “Eterna Automatic” and “KonTiki Diver 200m” at twelve and six o’clock respectively.

Straightforward blade hands compliment the three-sided dial components and are, alongside the hour markers, generously covered with Super-LumiNova. One thing this plan does especially well is the arrangement of the date window. It’s not entirely obvious the imprint while putting a date window anyplace other than the conventional three or six o’clock positions however on the Eterna KonTiki Gent, the date window’s four o’clock position impeccably compliments the remainder of the dial’s very much arranged components. This dial configuration several things simultaneously. For one, it steadfastly duplicates certain components from KonTiki watches of days gone by to solidify the piece in the legacy domain. Notwithstanding, by messing with surface, measurement, and shading, the dial on the KonTiki Gent hangs directly in there with the cutting edge watch world.

Differentiating itself again from its bronze family member, the Eterna KonTiki Gent’s case is hardened steel and 44mm in width and 12.2mm thick compared to the bronze adaptation’s heftier 14.5mm thickness. Case completing on the Gent is to some degree standard, with brushed and cleaned surfaces adding interest to the generally genuinely unsurprising case shape. The bezel is, at any rate fit as a fiddle, everything a device diver’s watch ought to be. Thick and rimmed with profoundly machined teeth, the bezel sports a fired decorate embed with US Navy no decompression figures addressed in meters of profundity, an odd move considering their restricted utility in a universe of practically all inclusive plunge computer use.

Although this bezel looks fascinating, the utilization of a standard diver’s passed time bezel would have at any rate assisted with the arbitrary, generally outdoors timekeeping undertakings most of these (and to be sure most diver’s watches) wind up planning nowadays. Doxa, for instance, who have since quite a while ago utilized a handily seen no decompression scale on their bezels, likewise incorporate a slipped by time scale for general or plunging use.

With all that being said, a clay embed on a Swiss watch at this value point is as yet something to be praised and the bezel all in all is outwardly professional. A larger than average crown, likewise engraved with the five metal roller theme, sits without crown monitors at the conventional three o’clock position. An enemy of intelligent covered sapphire gem accommodates simple review of the dial and the development is protected under a great, profoundly engraved caseback which is embellished with a picture of the KonTiki, Thor Heyerdahl’s hand crafted cruising vessel. This is another large contrast from the Bronze variant which, had the presentation caseback.

As you may expect for a Swiss watch in this value range, the KonTiki Gent is furnished with the close pervasive SW200 from Sellita. This programmed, 25 gem, 42 hour power hold, 28,800bph type is basically precisely the same thing as the other frequently seen Swiss programmed, the ETA 2824. While this is in every practical sense, an exceptionally able, precise, and reliable development, it is nothing that will cause heart mumbles among watch geeks, particularly when the restricted release bronze rendition of this watch comes with an assembling type, but for around 1,000 a greater amount of your well deserved dollars.

An region where Eterna have accomplished more than you’d envision with a watch around the $2,000 mark is with the lashes and arm bands. The KonTiki Gent will come with either a treated steel arm band with an absolutely over-designed and cool deployant catch or on a shading coordinated normal elastic lash, which utilizes a similar fasten. The solitary burglary I have with respect to the arm band is the utilization of cleaned focus joins which loan the watch a more meeting room appearance yet detract from the device watch idea. Cleaned focus connects likewise pull in scratches quicker than a sisal wrapped post at a Petsmart. Given the extraordinary length of the sending catch, I additionally can’t resist the urge to keep thinking about whether this fasten will give the little wristed some challenges.

Viewed in show, Eterna have by and by made a strong offer with the KonTiki Gent. Despite the fact that the development is a determinedly off the rack Sellita, the remainder of the watch compensates for it with an engaging plan that flawlessly coordinates a great deal of Eterna’s plan DNA. My lone other burglary is the choice to utilize the no decompression limits on the bezel instead of a conventional slipped by time scale. In any case, the no decompression bezel is something mark for Eterna divers and in case we’re being straightforward, not many individuals will take this thing jumping anyway.

For me, this Eterna is inherent the vane of the likewise phenomenal Tudor Black Bay, given the plan idea of building an absolutely present day watch with a progression of all around cherished components from a few of the brand’s memorable pieces. The Eterna KonTiki Gent Divers ought to be accessible before long estimated at just around $2,000.