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Everest Watch Straps, Sporty Straps For The Active Rolex Owner

But you, as most Rolex owners, want to keep the wristband in as near unblemished condition as could really be expected. In the event that just there were a tie you could put your Sub on, to protect its minty appearance while as yet allowing you to wear it while jumping, sailing, surfing. Enter Everest Horology Products.

There are handfuls – if relatively few more – secondary selling lash companies, taking into account the watch aficionados who don’t wish to stay wedded to the ties or wristbands their watches went ahead. Hodinkee is no special case. Yet, what Everest does is something very few – or, truly, any – of these companies do: they have an exclusive strong end connect framework, which flawlessly incorporates the tie to the instance of the watch.

Established with a $15,000.00 Kickstarter campaign in 2012, Everest offers cowhide lashes for pretty much every cutting edge Rolex model. They additionally offer elastic ties for the individuals who question the utility of putting a plunge watch on calfskin. These lashes all come with the previously mentioned strong end interface framework (for which Everest is looking for a patent) that shuts the hole between tie and drags that is commonplace of ordinary ties.

Everest ties run from $190 in elastic to $350 in veritable Louisiana crocodile. Somewhat more costly than a Nato, certainly, yet these ties sneak up suddenly regarding comfort and sturdiness.

You won’t put your Rolex Submariner 5513 on one of these lashes. Dissimilar to HODINKEE ties, these don’t fit vintage Rolex cases. Be that as it may, they do offer a lively, comfortable option for the individuals who actually want to wear their Rolexes without gambling harm to their arm bands. Now obviously, Rolex presented its own Oysterflex wristbands at Basel this year , yet it is just accessible on the Everose Yacht-Master, so if elastic is what you’re after, this is a decent spot to start.

For more information, check out Everest Horology Products .