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First Look: Highlights From Christie’s Geneva Auction This November, Including A Never Before Seen Patek 2497 With Black Dial

The MB&F Tenth Anniversary Horological Machine HMX

The Emporer Selassie Patek Philippe 2497 With Black Dial And Luminous Hands

There is literally nothing more energizing to watch sweethearts and gatherers than finding something genuinely new. This 2497 is an uncommon example of finding something completely new, yet in addition finding something in genuinely legit, bona fide condition, with unquestionable provenance and significance. What’s more, it turns out to be perhaps the most lovely, supported references on the planet – Patek’s 2497 ceaseless calendar.

But this 2497 is extraordinary for a few reasons. The greatest is that it has a dark dial. Doesn’t seem like much, however for a vintage Patek, and a complicated one at that, it is. Indeed there is just a single other affirmed unique dark dial 2497 on earth. This watch, new to showcase, is the second. What’s more, in addition, this has an exceptional sort of dark dial that looks particularly as though it were an extraordinary “military dial.”

This uncommon variety of a dark dial with plated printing and Arabic numerals must be found on four mid-century Patek Philippes of any sort, and not on some other complicated Patek. We see iridescent numbers and white glowing hands – the radium glue applied inside a plated layout on the dial, inside the at no other time seen gold edges of the alpha hands. The date and focus second hands additionally vary from some other 2497, again being gold rather than blued steel for more noteworthy difference. The dial is essentially fabulous, and gives this exquisite unending schedule an easygoing, military feel.

Turn the watch over and it becomes significantly more extraordinary. This piece was apparently commissioned to be given as a blessing by a Mr. Federico Bazzi, a business person and pilot who was a pioneer of Italian flying, to the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie during an authority visit to Switzerland in November, 1954 – one month after Patek affirms the watch was conveyed. A long time later, it would seem the Emperor skilled the watch to a well-known African character (a common practice among eminence at that point), whose immediate descendent is the current distributor. It is Selassie’s peak that is engraved onto the situation back – expected to have been engraved by Patek straightforwardly – and it is said Selassie himself wore the watch on exceptional events prior to gifting it to his companion. The consigner discloses to Christie’s the watch was worn sparingly, yet really enjoyed.

So what makes this watch so exceptional? As I said, it’s a complicated Patek with an at no other time seen dial, and that by itself is astonishing. However, what makes this watch so unique to me is that it feels so extraordinarily new, and legit. I didn’t know this watch existed until I saw it in Geneva a week ago. I didn’t know Patek at any point made a 2497 that looked like that. On top of the disclosure, the watch simply looks phenomenal, thus unadulterated. It is likely an un-adjusted, unpolished survivor. That amounts to nothing has been messed around with – it hasn’t experienced the hands of about six vendors attempting to fetch an incredible cost from their greatest customers – this watch is genuine. Furthermore, it feels real.

Watches like this don’t come along frequently, and this one checks so many boxes. Indeed, the lume is absent on all fours watch glances lived in, however it has such a lot of charm, thus much character. I completely expect the Emperor Selassie 2497 to be quite possibly the most hummed about watches this November, and it has the right to be so.

The gauge for the Selassie 2497 with dark dial is SFr 500,000 to 1 million.

Secret Cross Paul Newman 6265

The next feature is a pleasant one – it’s a 6265 Panda Paul Newman, which is uncommon in itself, yet this one is intriguing. This is a supposed “Secret Cross” Daytona. We’ve seen a few preceding, yet at the same time nodody knows what they mean. The Swiss etching looking into the issue back has been cross checked for quite a long time against each type of public association in Switzerland and no one can recognize it. Some time or another we’ll sort it out and I promise you these watches will be worth even more.

1950s Vacheron Constantin Minute Repeater In Pink Gold

A 1951 Vacheron Constantin minute repeater in pink gold is another top pick from Christie’s upcoming deal. The worth and craftsmanship found in these watches is phenomenal, and I essentially venerate these tear drop carries. Totally beautiful.

A Breguet Pocketwatch With Enamel Case

Historic Breguet watches are making a flood nowadays, and this twofold finish cased pocket watch is doubtlessly one that will pull in the eye of genuine authorities. The work on the polish case here is extraordinary.

Extra Highlights

This is only a little sampling of the Christie’s November deal that will occur on November 9, 2015. Stay tuned for additional features to come soon and subtleties can be found here .