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First Look: Ten Top Vintage Lots From The Phillips Hong Kong Watch Auction One

Patek Philippe Reference 130 Mono-Pusher Chronograph In Steel Sells For $5 Million, And Other Such Stories From The First Phillips Geneva Watch Auction

Patek Philippe Reference 3450 Perpetual Calendar In White Gold – One Of Two Known!

Let me acquaint you with the superstar, the staggeringly uncommon Patek reference 3450 in white gold. Complete creation for this 37.5 mm unending schedule was a simple 244 units in the mid 1980s, yet by far most of them were cased in yellow gold. Just two examples have been found in a white-gold case, and this one comes in inconceivably fresh condition with plainly noticeable trademarks, and a sharp case. The dial is likewise fit as a fiddle, its jump year sign with Roman numerals vouching for the later creation of this watch – 1985 to be definite, the most recent year of creation for the reference 3450. As you can image the assessments are in accordance with its total extraordinariness, going between $1 to 2 M; to reach flawlessness this Patek comes with unique box and papers as depicted here .

Cartier London Crash, A Rare Bird With A Mesmerizing Shape

Dali’s painting The Persistence Of Memory , with its extraordinary “delicate watches” theme, quickly comes to mind when taking a gander at the Crash line from Cartier. Supposedly, the Cartier was really conceived out of a misfortune: a Tank Baignoire Allongee was recuperated completely softened from an auto collision, and introduced to Cartier for (ideally) marvelous fix. When confronted with this uniquely formed case, Cartier London chose to really remember it for its setup, back in 1967. Not very many of them were fabricated throughout the long term, until Cartier Paris launched a re-version in 1991. Curiously, the Crash here doesn’t bear the London notice on the dial, yet it is effectively endorsed working on it and clasp, and, as it ought to, the development comes from LeCoultre. At last, don’t be tricked by the depiction here , the Crash is not the slightest bit a minuscule women’s watch; at more than 40 mm long it looks running on anybody’s wrist. The appraisals range between $15,000 and $26,000 for a watch that seldom comes up at auctions.

Vacheron Constantin Chronograph Reference 4178, In Stainless Steel And Pink Gold

The combination of treated steel and pink gold is coming back in power, as confirmed by the solid exhibition of the chronograph from Audemars Piguet that sold for $300,000 at Phillips’ past closeout – twofold the gauge. This 36 mm chronograph from Vacheron Constantin addresses another extraordinary contribution, both as far as virtue of configuration (take a gander at the hauls!) and extraordinariness. We should take a gander at the numbers for 4178: the creation of steel cases is accepted to have reached all things considered 200 examples, and just a little part of those are twp-tone. like the current watch. This heavenly Vacheron is assessed between $31,000 and $52,000 here .

Audemars Piguet From 1918 With A Special Case – A Previously Unknown Model

This Audemars Piguet is the most seasoned wristwatch of this determination, tracing all the way back to right around a century prior. It shows a tonneau (the French for “barrel”) shape, suggestive of the plan of the eponymous watch from Cartier, or the later Gondolo from Patek Philippe. Condition is amazing for its age, and the posting shows that no comparable example appears to have at any point been offered at barters previously. Gauge is $26,000 to $36,000; read the full posting   here .

Rolex Daytona Reference 6239 With "Solo" Dial – Simple And Beautiful

This closeout shows a great cluster of vintage Daytonas, including one steel and one yellow gold Paul Newman; however, I chose to zero in on this apparently more approachable reference 6239. (Peruse more in Ben’s Historical Perspectives story on this reference.) The 6239 reference isn’t uncommon – just the Solo dial (the name given to this, the most extraordinary 6239 variation) moves it into the fame of vintage Rolex. The straightforwardness and lucidity of the Daytona line allows for a shocking equilibrium on the dial, zeroed in on the three sub-registers; besides the basic look works out in a good way for the siphon type pushers. The Solo dial and the low chronic number likewise underline how early the assembling of this Daytona occurred, back in 1963. The evaluations for part 226 go from $52,000 to $78,000 here .

Rolex Datejust Reference 6605 In Pink Gold – Not Your Typical Datejust

A dark dial and pink gold case structure a well-known, delightful couple desired via prepared gatherers; this Datejust shows why. The warm sparkle of the pink gold undoubtedly lights up the lustrous dark dial of this Datejust reference 6605. You can locate all the characteristics of an early creation date, beginning with the arrow records and the leaf hands. When you likewise notice the first Jubilee arm band – in pink gold as well – everything bodes well: part 153 is a long way from your normal vintage Datejust. This reality is additionally reflected in its assessed an incentive here , between $17,000 and $32,000.

Rolex Datejust 1601 In White Gold, With Tropical Dial

White-gold Datejusts offer an exceptionally downplayed extravagance; they are handily confused with their boundlessly more normal hardened steel partners. Just two unpretentious signs could part with this modern watch: the specific glow of the white gold, which is less metallic than the steel, and the absence of penetrated drags; it’s a dressier watch without the bored openings, which are more useful for tie changing yet surely less rich. Part 155 shows another alluring element: a tropical dial going to a scrumptious brown. Like the past parcel, this Datejust comes with a Jubilee arm band in gold; assesses likewise range between $17,000 and $32,000 here .

Patek Philippe Reference 2526 In Pink Gold, With Double Signed Dial

By itself, the reference 2526 is one of the dears of the present vintage Patek market – a legitimate honor when you know that it houses the principal automatic development from Patek Philippe, and flaunts a 35 mm case with a delightful twofold P engraved crown. Part 206 goes much past this fundamental presentation, it combines an uncommon pink-gold case – just 370 examples at any point made, under 15% of the all out creation of reference 2526 – with a polish dial likewise bearing the name of the Haussmann & Co store in Rome, an advantage recently saved to Patek’s most renowned retailers, and just held by Tiffany’s nowadays. Once more, this watch comes with its unique pink gold arm band, made by the amazing provider Gay Frères. All these uncommon highlights clarify gauges between $31,000 and $52,000 here .

Triple Calendar With Moon Phase From Jaeger LeCoultre, In Pink Gold

This complicated wristwatch addresses a fabulous vintage offering below $10,000, combining a triple schedule with a moon stage sign from the profoundly regarded watchmaker, Jaeger-LeCoultre. This watch stands out enough to be noticed gratitude to the immaculate state of its dial and case – and if there is one thing we are seeing to an ever increasing extent, it is the overwhelming significance of condition for gathering vintage watches. Here both dial and case are remarkable, and truly present the excellent by and large extents, with the narrow bezel and the explained hauls further expanding the apparent components of the 35.5 mm case. The posting for part 143 here evaluations last offering to reach between $5,000 and $8,000.

Patek Philippe Pocket Watch In Stainless Steel, With Observatory Tourbillon

The just pocket watch of this determination has an amazing family: its tourbillon managed development was awarded the principal prize at the Geneva Astronomical Observatory in 1931. It was additionally highlighted in the reference book Patek Philippe Steel Watches, by John Goldberger (now accessible in the HODINKEE shop ) and with a comparable example showed in the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, it stays the lone known tempered steel tourbillon still in private hands. This watch is offered with an extra dial and blued hands however I would not touch the wonderful and well protected area dial. This is a staggeringly verifiably significant watch and more than that, it is an indispensable piece of horological history, just as being illustrative of the best expectations of development and accuracy at any point to exist in horology. You can peruse the gauge and parcel descrtiption here – $500,000 to $1,000,000, and worth each penny.