Five Of Our Favorite Stories That Aren't About A Watch

1. The Digesting Duck

Watches and clocks have gears, clearly, however so do a ton of different things, and not all machines are horribly fascinating to watch devotees (I may not be right yet I can’t resist the urge to believe that a story on the development of, say, mechanical can openers, probably won’t make the most compelling perusing for the normal HODINKEE reader).

The life-emulating machines called automata, however, share with watches a specific capacity to appear to be exact. Watches do this all the more dynamically, obviously, however the similarity is there, and in their prime, it appeared to the producers of automata that there was nothing you were unable to do, with simply a little creativity, good faith, and elbow oil – including making a machine that ate, and pooed. Our story on the popular Digesting Duck of Jacques Vaucanson takes a gander at one of the weirdest and generally astute of men, and his equally unusual and shrewd machines.

2. A Split Seconds Module Made From Lego Bricks

Really, there’s not a whole ton additional we can say about this one. Somebody made a split seconds/rattrapante module out of Lego blocks. There are two intriguing things to escape this story. The first is that you can make what was customarily thought an incredibly, particular, many-sided, and hard to-make complication out of Lego blocks. Not one that will fit on your wrist, not one that really tells the time or times anything horrendously precisely, yet you know, still. The other is that there is a progressing contention about how to deliver the plural of “Lego” and besides, whether or not to underwrite it. For reasons unknown saying “Legos” rather than “Lego Bricks” is as much of a warning to-a-bull for certain individuals as utilizing “makes one wonder” to signify “brings up the issue” is to me (I’ve fundamentally abandoned that one, at any rate outwardly. A piece of me actually passes on inside a little when I hear it). Anyway, check out this cheery little contraption, it’ll fill your heart with joy.

3. That Time Back In 2012 When We Tried To Get People Excited About A 61 Second Minute

You’ve known about a Leap Year – well, occasionally, on the grounds that the Earth’s pivot is in reality less normal than the accuracy of nuclear timekeepers, an additional second must be embedded to guarantee the Earth’s circle and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) don’t float out of synchronization with each other. Unique story is here ; this is presumably completely dull to a great many people yet on the off chance that you like keeping your tickers and watches fanatically on schedule, we want to alarm you that the following one is coming up December 31, 2016, at 23:59:60 – a lot of time to fire loading up on champagne and praise something more intriguing than (yawn) the New Year.

4. A Performance Artist Tries Living On Mars Time On Earth And It Makes Her A Little Crazy

In the mid year of 2015 HODINKEE’s Ashley Kinder caught wind of an extremely intriguing undertaking from applied craftsman Sara Morawetz, who was attempting a trial: living as per a Martian sol (day) as opposed to a typical 24 hour day. Since a Martial sol is somewhat more than a day, Morawetz wound up steadily floating out of synchronization with the world around her, which she anticipated. What she didn’t expect was how alone it caused her to feel . . . as though she were living, as it were, on the barren red surface of a Mars of the psyche.

5. The Bug That Has Gears In Its Hindquarters

The unprepossessing little fellow you see here is a leafhopper fairy, and in its back was something science was late to find and which nobody was anticipating: an arrangement of natural pinion wheels, apparently to all the more likely empower it to leaf-jump. This little appearing to be nevertheless logically intriguing story is one worth thinking about, particularly for those of you who are keen on automata. Obviously life truly emulates (mechanical) craftsmanship. Story here.

Extra Trivia Round: The Quest For The Inventor Of The Spring Bar

Cheating a smidgen here, in light obviously, you can’t actually have a spring bar story without watches, yet technically this amazingly drawn-out chronicled piece doesn’t have any watches in it. I’ve been at HODINKEE a year last June 1st, and this is the one story I’ve written that made HODINKEE organizer Ben Clymer ask me “Are we truly going to run this thing?” the way a great many people ask me, “Can you truly earn enough to pay the bills writing about watches?” What would i be able to say, here and there you need to follow your dream.


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