Found: A Breguet Pocket Watch, A Renoir, And The Mystery Of One Of The Greatest Breguet Collectors

Still shuddering from the chilly, we advanced down the stone strides of the Museum. Fairly unexpectedly, it was not Delacroix whom I needed to see, but rather Renoir. His adaptation of Delacroix’s The Jewish Wedding In Morocco had as of late sprung up during my examination on the world’s first never-ending schedule wristwatch, a Breguet . Both had been bought by Mr. Jean Dollfus. Or on the other hand so I thought.

The “Dollfus Perpetual Calendar,” the world’s first unending schedule wristwatch.

That name was written in ink inside Breguet’s chronicles close to the offer of said Breguet no. 2516 of every 1932. What’s more, it was printed, this time in white, on the data card put close to the Renoir I looked for. “Commissioned by Jean Dollfus in 1876,” it read.

“Jewish Wedding” (after Delacroix), by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

As I figured it out and gradually went to the acknowledgment that 56 years had passed between the two buys, it turned out to be certain that I had been pursuing two men, not one: Jean Dollfus the industrialist, originator of Dollfus-Mieg et Cie, a material company situated in Mulhouse; and Jean Dollfus the grandson, replacement of the company, and an ardent Breguet collector.

Little is thought about the second, then again, actually he and his brother, Louis Dollfus bought nine Breguet watches somewhere in the range of 1922 and 1934, including a tourbillon pocket watch, a repeater, and a chronometer escapement pocket watch with Guillaume balance. All things considered, another has quite recently restored, half a month prior to my visit to Room Four of the Delacroix exhibition.

A live picture of the Dollfus pocket watch, with some harm to the case.

Shortly in the wake of distributing my story on the Dollfus Perpetual Calendar, a peruser from Switzerland sent me this private message through Instagram:

“Dear Sir,

I keep in touch with you since I read your article on the Breguet 2516 with incredible interest. The last three passages talk about Jean Dollfus. My father has another Breguet pocket watch that we trust Mr. Dollfus claimed at a certain point. We have fruitlessly attempted to discover more about him. Would you have the option to help?”

Attached to the peruser’s email were photos of a heavenly 43 mm pocket watch, made during the pinnacle long stretches of Breguet’s Art Deco period, practically flawless and still in its unique numbered box. I immediately reached the brand, who affirmed our peruser’s speculation. It was bought on August 25, 1926, by Jean Dollfus.

The current proprietor of the watch – who has requested to stay unknown – says he “right away fell head over heels in love for it” when he discovered it in 1991, at the “Craft of Breguet” closeout held by Habsburg S.A. Decisively, he gained it for CHF 22,196.

Despite its great condition, it is of lesser chronicled esteem when compared to other watches in the Dollfus assortment, as it is one of many pocket watches with hopping hours created by Audemars Piguet, Breguet, and Patek Philippe during the principal quarter of the 20th century. In any case, it includes an uncommon module, licensed by Robert Cart in 1925, one year before Jean Dollfus bought the pocket watch.

The focal circle, on which the hopping hours are shown, additionally goes about as brief pointer and makes a full pivot like clockwork. Vacheron Constantin and Gubelin likewise bought the hopping and meandering module, however this model from Breguet is perhaps the best model we’ve found in ongoing years.

Presented inside an Art Deco style case, the two-tone silvered dial is delightfully enhanced with a huge and extremely unmistakable motor turned bolt highlighting the external Arabic moment ring. The system is controlled by a switch development with a bi-metallic compensation balance, endorsed by Breguet.

Breguet, N° 1285 having a place with Jean Dollfus.

The current proprietor of the Dollfus Jumping Hours has hesitantly chosen to head out in different directions with his pocket watch to zero in his assortment on wristwatches. It will be important for the upcoming “Uncommon Watches” closeout held by Christie’s in Geneva on May sixteenth, and its gauge has been set between CHF 25,000 and CHF 45,000.

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