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Found: A Completely Fake Black Dial, Screw-Down Paul Newman Daytona On Ebay, For Over $24,000

That’s that watch, up there. It’s a Rolex Daytona Reference 6263 with dark Paul Newman dial. Presently in the event that you know anything about Daytonas, you’ll know a Paul Newman is worth more than $100,000. With a dark bezel, it’s worth more than $150,000. With screw down pushers and a white dial it is worth more than $250,000 if not exactly a bit more. However, on the off chance that a Paul Newman has a dark bezel, screw down pushers, and a dark dial, it very well may be worth more than $500,000 – hell, one even sold for $1,000,000 in November 2013. Gracious, yet the thing there that gets it going? Definitely, the dial must be genuine. Also, for this situation, it’s not.

Now there are a few things to search for while looking at a Paul Newman dial that may advise you in the event that it is genuine or not – we will not examine them here on the grounds that with PN’s, there is a genuine plague of fakes out there and we would prefer not to support anybody. However, for this situation, the dial is clearly off-base. On the off chance that you don’t know why, view our nitty gritty separate the Paul Newman here – the graph at the base alone will tell you.

One thing we should say is that when we say this watch is phony, we are discussing the colorful dial that as of now lays on it. It is altogether conceivable the case, wristband, and development are undoubtedly true Rolex parts – which the apparently fair vender states. He professes to be a specialist in Valjoux developments and we have no uncertainty about the Valjoux 72 inside this Daytona (however we haven’t seen it), yet if we were simply purchasing a development, the offering should’ve halted quite a while past. The explanation this Daytona is now above $24,000 with three days left is on the grounds that individuals trust it to be an uncommon, dark dial Oyster Paul Newman. Tragically, it’s not.

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