Found: A Pair Of Strikingly Similar Patek Philippe Minute Repeaters That Share More Than Just (Good) Looks

Found: A Pair Of Strikingly Similar Patek Philippe Minute Repeaters That Share More Than Just (Good) Looks

Patek Philippe Ref. 2419 Minute Repeater

Patek Philippe Ref. 2524/1 Minute Repeater

These two watches were made just eight years separated, and, by all accounts, they are actually the equivalent. Both have 34mm yellow gold cases endorsed by Emile Vichet (the best case producer of his period), both have surprising and curiously large rehashing triggers, and both component darkened hands and numerals – Patek would sometimes do this upon solicitation to build the decipherability of dials and both of these watches were conveyed thusly. It will not come as an astonishment to you at that point, when we disclose to you these were surely initially made for a similar person. But then, ref. 2419 and ref. 2524/1 each have unmistakable characters of their own.

This Patek Philippe Ref. 2419 is a special moment repeater, bought in New York by an American authority in 1950.

The watches were bought independently by an American refined man living in New York while Henri Stern was visiting the area building up the company’s U.S. reach. Truth be told, it would have been commonplace for the Henri Stern Watch Agency (HSWA) to contact Geneva for exceptional orders like these and indeed Henri Stern would here and there meet authorities prior to putting in their requests through neighborhood retailers (however that is not demonstrated for this situation). We know anyway that ref. 2524/1 was requested through HSWA, in light of the fact that the equilibrium connect is stepped “HOX,” demonstrating the development was imported by the office into the United States.

Now, how about we investigate the two watches, since, whoever he was, this noble man gatherer had really great taste.

The remarkable ref. 2419 highlights a curiously large repeater slide and a monster 7mm crown.

The reference 2419 is the first and the more uncommon of the two. Bought through Cartier in 1950, soon after the French company facilitated an uncommon show of Patek Philippe complications in New York, the watch was fitted with a development that has an interesting scaffold setup never again used by Patek Philippe (that we are aware of). It is additionally bizarre in that both the rehashing trigger and the crown are huge for a 34mm wristwatch, presumably for utilitarian purposes despite the fact that they add to the watch’s tasteful character too. The actual crown is 7mm across and relatively thick.

The ref. 2419 comes with a Cartier testament of validness, dated 23 February 2011.

The caseback shows no maintenance marks.

The crown gauges an incredible 7mm which is colossal comparative with the 34mm case – additionally note the obvious trademark.

It’s idea the gatherer requested the second moment repeater, this time through Tiffany & Co, in light of the fact that the originally must be sent back for an assistance. As a substitution, he picked a reference that can be portrayed as common comparative with the ref. 2419 – Patek made many ref. 2524/1 models among 1955 and the last part of the 1960s, altogether three gold tones and in platinum, yet this specific model is the just one with the better drags and a Tiffany & Co.– stepped dial. Life is useful for the one who can’t survive without brief repeater.

Despite their comparative development, the 2524/1 has the higher-pitch tone of the two, very likely because of the particular plans of the types. The later reference in controlled by a 12 ligne minute-rehashing type endorsed by Fritz Piguet which has a trigger that slides downwards as opposed to upwards, and this one has the qualification of not highlighting a little seconds – generally 2524/1 really convey this element, however a modest bunch were made without.

A interesting moment rehashing type inside Ref. 2419.

The Fritz Piguet minute rehashing type fitted inside the Ref. 2524/1.

Both minute repeaters were in the long run sold by the first proprietor’s family independently, before an adroit Asian gatherer, with comparative insight regarding watches, rejoined them. He bought Ref. 2419 out of 2011 through Antiquorum for $710,500, and added the Ref. 2524/1 to his assortment one year later through Sotheby’s for $571,328. Presently, four years down the line, they’re both coming available to be purchased again.

The unique proprietor of Reference 2524/1 bought the watch in 1961, apparently to supplant his first moment repeater.

Unfortunately, these watches will in all likelihood be bidding farewell by and by, except if somebody has put aside generally $2,000,000 to purchase the pair. You can be certain we will pull for that fellow (or young lady) however – having these under one rooftop, with all their common history and comparable looks, is simply excessively acceptable. In the event that that doesn’t occur, at any rate we know a reunification at a last stage is for sure conceivable. These two have discovered a route back together before.

The dial of Ref. 2419 is hand-engraved with reference numbers from Stern Frères.

This is the lone Tiffany-stepped Ref. 2524/1 dial, additionally made by Stern Frères.

The reference 2524/1 is part 1134 and conveys a gauge of $400,000 to $830,000, while the the reference 2419 is parcel 1135 and conveys a gauge of $625,000 to $1,250,000.

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